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Representations of society and culture in film - French



This course aims to increase students' awareness of the representation of European (French, German, Italian and Spanish) societies and cultures through the medium of film. By the end of the module students should:

  • be able to situate a number of European films in their social, political and cultural contexts;
  • have an increased understanding of the different social, political and cultural issues these films raise;
  • be able to analyse and research films;
  • improve their fluency, accuracy and communicative skills in the target language.

Note: You cannot take this module at H-level if you have already taken it at I-level (even if you took it in a different language at I-level).



Students must have successfully completed:

  • F03I French Language & Society II



Contact hours

  • There will be four themes; for each theme there will be a film screening, two hours of lectures and three hours of seminars.
  • All students will attend the lectures which are provided in English. Theses lectures will frame the analysis of the films in the different seminars by focussing on key themes. There will be no lectures in Summer term.
  • Seminars will discuss the social, cultural and historical aspects as specifically portrayed in the French films. In Summer term, there will be a one hour seminar in weeks 1 and 2 and no teaching in weeks 3 and 4.

Teaching programme

The lectures will be taught in English. The seminars will be taught in French.

This language module will introduce students to society, culture and certain historical aspects through the medium of film. French films will be viewed, analysed and examined in their socio-historical context, while an analysis of further material (media and literary texts as well as video/audio) will provide the relevant background information necessary to understanding these films.

Team taught by Language teaching staff.

Teaching materials


Some course material will be supplied by the tutor.

Assessment and feedback

Assessment and feedback

Feedback on formative work

Oral commentary and dialogue within class on oral and written language work. Given immediately both to individuals and to group.

Written comments and mark on the University scale given to individual students for practice essays, with opportunity for individual consultation; the essays will be returned to students two weeks after seminar.

Summative assessment and feedback

  • 3000-word essay in the target language 
    • Due: Week 1, Summer Term
    • Weight: 60%
  • 2-hour closed exam 
    • Weeks 5-7, Summer Term
    • Weight: 40%

Feedback: Individuals will be given a feedback sheet for the essay, and will be allowed to see their exam paper with comments, under supervision, at an appointed date after the external examiner has reviewed the papers.

About this module

  • Module name
    Representations of society and culture in film - French
  • Course code
    F39H (LAN00039H)
  • Teacher 
    Angela O'Flaherty
  • Term(s) taught
    All terms
  • Credits