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Research training seminar



The Research Training Seminar (RTS) is compulsory for all MA and MSc students (as taught module L34M) and for first year PhD students who did not complete a masters programme in the department.

It is intended to give you training in research skills specific to Linguistics programmes.   Many staff participate in the teaching, so that you are able to benefit from our combined expertise in a range of linguistics research skills.



The Research training seminars are held weekly and last for one hour in the Autumn term and up to two hours in the Spring and Summer terms.  

The training is organised by theme:

  • Autumn term covers research design and writing skills in linguistics
  • Spring term covers the development and presentation of research plans, and also offers a number of subject-specific workshops.
  • Summer term focuses on communicating research to others, and offers further subject-specific training.

Examples of sessions run include:

  • Research design
  • Writing in linguistics
  • Formulating hypotheses, developing research questions, planning a research design
  • Using corpora for dissertation research
  • Fieldwork and sampling in Sociolinguistics
  • Using a repeated measures ANOVA design in Psycholinguistic research
  • CV writing and job applications
  • Praat scripting



Formative work

  • 750-word review of research article (from a choice of set articles)

Summative work

  • 1.5-hour closed examination (Spring Term Week 1) - 50%
  • 1,000-word review of and reflection on a colloquium talk (Spring Week 10)  - 50%

About this module

  • Module name
    Research training seminar
  • Course code
    L34M (LAN00034M)
  • Teacher 
    Kobin Kendrick
  • Term(s) taught
    Autumn, Spring, Summer
  • Credits