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Advanced comparative syntactic or semantic typology


This module focuses on the theoretical issues surrounding the notion of parametric variation. It focuses on the definition of:

  • parameters
  • the format for parameters
  • micro vs. macro parameters
  • parameters and semantic variation
  • parametric variation and language acquisition
  • the limits of variation


LAN00062M - Comparative Syntax


Contact hours

This course lasts for one term. There will be a weekly two-hour lecture.

Teaching programme

By the end of this module, students will be able to:

  • Understand key notions of parametric variation
  • Distinguish syntactic from semantic variation
  • Understand the status of parameters in the theory of grammar
  • Analyse comparative and typological data in the terms of the theory of parameters

Teaching materials

To be posted on the VLE during the module weeks.


  • 5,000 word essay

About this module

  • Module name
    Advanced comparative syntactic or semantic typology
  • Course code
    L61M (LAN00061M)
  • Teacher 
    Peter Sells
    Giuseppe Longobardi
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