Microsoft Select software licence deal

The Microsoft Select deal is a method of selling Microsoft software licences for products not covered by the Microsoft EES Agreement, such as Project or Visio.

It is available to departments for installation of software only on computers owned or leased by the University.

The University is the licensee, not the individual or the department.

Ordering directly from the supplier

IT Services uses Phoenix Software as our primary reseller for Microsoft Select products.

If you have any questions before placing an order, or to check prices, please contact Phoenix Software:

When you are ready to place your order:

  1. Raise a request with your department's admin team, providing the MS Product Code, quantities and prices for the software you wish to buy.
  2. Your admin team can then create a catalogue order in York ePurchase (YEP), that will be forwarded electronically to Pheonix Software by Science Warehouse.
  3. Your Departmental Computing Officer (DCO) should be able to provide the installation media and run the installation for you if necessary.
  4. For software that requires a licence key, please email with the name of the software, providing a PDF of the Purchase Order (this can be created by opening the Purchase Order within YEP and choosing print in the top right, or alternatively, by using Chrome's Save to PDF option when printing from the browser).

For any questions or problems relating to YEP, please contact FM System Support.

For all other enquires, please contact the Library & IT Help Desk.