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Adobe software

IT Services don't provide licences for Adobe products, but we have arranged significant discounts for departments buying licences via Softcat.

Note: The following information is only applicable to staff and not to students; students can purchase discounted Adobe software direct from Adobe. See 'Students' tab for further information.

Creative cloud suite

Creative Cloud Suite

The Creative Cloud Suite* includes Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Adobe Premiere Pro, Acrobat Pro* and Standard DC.

*Please note that Cloud Services, such as Adobe Sign, are only available for named-user licences and are not available for device licences. For Adobe Sign either a named-user Creative Cloud Suite licence or a single app for Acrobat Pro must be purchased.

We have set up Value Incentive Plans (VIP) with Adobe. These are subscription based licensing programs, and offer us the maximum discount levels available.

University brand

Please refer to the University's brand identity guidelines when creating any University marketing materials.

Below is the agreed schedule of pro-rated prices for the complete Adobe Creative Cloud Suite and individual apps (named-user) for the 12 month VIP. When placing an order, this should be for the pro-rated cost as shown below, in line with the “Ordering dates”, as the licence will co-term to the annual renewal date of the VIP agreement.

For device licences, please note that from 2019, Adobe are changing their device licences to new 'shared' device licences. These are only available for the full Creative Cloud suite and not as single apps. Due to licensing restrictions, shared device licences are only available for classroom and lab PCs and are not available to purchase for staff PCs.For further information, please contact

All prices exclude VAT. Please note that Acrobat Pro is priced separately from the other single apps.

Ordering datesCC Full Suite
named user license
CC Single app 
named user license, 
eg Photoshop

CC Single app
Acrobat Pro named

Up to 19 Dec 
(12 months)
£195.00 £83.64 £87.60
Up to 19 Jan
(11 months)
£178.75 £76.67 £80.30
Up to 19 Feb 
(10 months)
£162.50 £69.70 £73.00
Up to 19 March 
(9 months)
£146.25 £62.73 £65.70
Up to 19 April 
(8 months)
£130.00 £55.76 £58.40
Up to 19 May 
(7 months)
£113.75 £48.79 £51.10
Up to 19 June 
(6 months)
£97.50 £41.82 £43.80
Up to 19 July
(5 months)
£81.25 £34.85 £36.50
Up to 19 Aug 
(4 months)
£65.00 £27.88 £29.20
Up to 19 Sept 
(3 months)
£48.75 £20.91 £21.90
Up to 19 Oct 
(2 months)
£32.50 £13.94 £14.60
Up to 19 Nov 
(1 month)
£16.25 £6.97 £7.30

Place an order

For all departments, excluding Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media, who have their own separate VIP agreement:

To place an order:

  • send a purchase order to Adam Paxford, Softcat: Tel: 01628 405 063
  • quote the required VIP Agreement Number (12 month VIP Agreement Number D7811FA3CE64EE8285AA in your message / PO)
  • copy your message, with copy PO attached, to to enable IT Services staff to allocate the licences to the correct person or department

Please note: If a longer than 12 months subscription is required, IT Services has also set up a 36 month VIP agreement. Please email for further details.

Other Adobe products

Other Adobe products

The following products can be purchased at a significant discount through the University of York CLP Framework Agreement number 4600016076. This agreement is valid from 1 March 2017 to 28 February 2019.

The licences are perpetual, and are for staff using University owned machines. Any licence purchased for dedicated staff machines includes home use rights for that member of staff.

The products can be ordered directly from our agreed reseller, Softcat.

When ordering, the level of discount which should be applied is CLP 3

  • Acrobat Professional
  • Adobe Media Server
  • Adobe Technical Suite
  • Captivate
  • ColdFusion
  • Contribute
  • Director
  • eLearning Suite
  • FB Premium for PHP
  • Flash Builder Premium
  • Flash Media
  • Font Folio
  • FrameMaker
  • Freehand
  • LeanPrint
  • Lightroom
  • PageMaker Plus
  • Photoshop Elements
  • Premiere Elements
  • Presenter Licensed
  • RoboHelp Office



Students and teachers can purchase an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription at a reduced price.

At the point of purchase, students and teachers will need to provide their university email address as proof of eligibility.