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Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM)

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About YAMM

About the software

Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM) works with Google Mail and Sheets to easily send personalised emails to multiple recipients.

  • Draft email messages containing 'placeholders' are merged with addresses and other data in a Google Spreadsheet to generate and send multiple, personalised emails.
  • Mailings can be scheduled up to seven days ahead
  • There is a sending limit of 1500 recipients per day per account, with the facility to reserve quota for other email sent normally from that account
  • An unsubscribe link can be included

YAMM also has a secondary feature that allows you to send customised automated emails on a Google Form submission.


We have purchased a site licence for the Enterprise+ plan, which makes all YAMM functions available to both students and staff.

Obtaining the software

Staff and students

Yet Another Mail Merge is available to all students and staff at the University of York who have a valid email address. It can be used both on and off campus.

It requires use of the Google Chrome browser and a reliable internet connection.

YAMM is available through the Extensions menu in any Google Sheets file when you are logged on to a University of York Google account.

Documentation, training and support


Note: You can ignore the installation instructions on these pages as YAMM is already installed on University accounts.


Before sending out mailings to large groups of people please read our advice on alternative ways of getting your message out, and the University policy for bulk emailing.

The following links will help you to get started using YAMM:

Our YAMM Staff Skills guide has links to further training videos that may be useful when using YAMM.

Additional support

If you require further help or support with YAMM, please contact IT Support.