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About PDF Converter

About the software

Nuance PDF Converter provides a range of functionality, including the ability to:

  • Create editable PDF files from multiple source documents supporting Office and non-Office applications
  • Edit and annotate PDF files directly, eg correct, track changes, comment, etc
  • Control document security, including making the PDF file non-editable
  • Create and complete PDF forms
  • Convert PDF files back to fully formatted source document, eg PDF to Word
  • Create and manage archives

Note: The Microsoft Office built-in Save as PDF function enables the creation of non-editable PDFs from Office applications.


PDF Converter 7.1 is installed on all IT Services managed Windows 7 PCs.

For Windows 10 and unmanaged PCs, please see Power PDF.

Obtaining the software


See Power PDF.


Managed machines 

PDF Converter can be installed by searching for Software Center from the Start Menu.

Once installed, it appears under Start | All Programs | Text Processing | PDF Converter Enterprise.

Unmanaged machines and home use

See Power PDF.


Documentation, training and support


  • The PDF Converter Help menu includes links to a comprehensive help system and Reference Guide.
  • Full details of the PDF Converter Enterprise functionality can be found on the Nuance web site.


A range of instructional videos are available on the Nuance web site, including:

  • An introduction to the 3 primary functions of PDF Converter Enterprise
  • How to convert files into editable documents
  • How to create PDF files
  • Assembling a PDF from multiple documents
  • How to edit PDF files
  • Quick conversion of a PDF file to an editable Microsoft Word document.


If you require further help or support with PDF Converter, please contact the Library & IT Help Desk.