York Advanced Research Computing Cluster

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The York Advanced Research Computing Cluster (YARCC) is a small cluster for researchers who require a platform for development and the execution of small compute jobs.

YARCC can be used for processing very large datasets, and computational modelling.



YARCC is available to all staff and postgraduate research students.

Taught graduates and undergraduates may be request access for project work via their supervisor.

The service is for University research only.

YARCC is a 'Tier 3' High Performance Computing (HPC) facility. The cluster runs Linux, and can be accessed from Linux or Windows.

The computing cluster has:

  • 28 nodes*
  • 58 processors
  • 528 cores
  • 4TB RAM
  • 28 TB local disc
  • over 100 applications, libraries and compiler tools installed

* Nodes are computers that are linked together to form a cluster. Each node can communicate with each other and can contain multiple processors. They allow you to run parallel versions of their work simultaneously, which can significantly increase the speed of completing a simulation or analysis task.

Jobs running on the cluster can access the University's shared filestore to allow use of large datasets. Many software packages are already pre-installed and configured to work on YARCC.

YARCC has been set up in a similar way to the regional N8 facility. This lets you easily move your code to the larger resource if needed.

How to request access

If you would like access to the Research Computing Cluster, please email itsupport@york.ac.uk.

Requesting software installation

You can request software to be installed for access by all users. 

You can request installation of any Linux package if either you own a licence for it, or it is open source. The software needs to work with the RedHat/Centos (6.6) Linux distribution.

Please email your request to itsupport@york.ac.uk.

Accessing YARCC

For information about using YARCC, please see:

Help & troubleshooting


Library & IT Help Desk

If you're having problems using YARCC, get in touch with the Library & IT Help Desk.

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Review cycle Use and capacity are constantly reviewed.
Our performance

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