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Our thin clients are basic, lower spec computers that use the Virtual Desktop Service (VDS) to provide a desktop and software.

Very little is running on the computer itself - the desktop you see when you log in is a virtual desktop, running on our central servers.



This service is available to all staff and students.

The service is using technology to deliver a desktop and software, and so it's a little different from traditional PCs.

The Windows desktop is a virtual computer running on a server in our data centre. Nothing is actually installed on the thin client next to the monitor.

The thin client has no moving parts and uses less power than a normal PC. This means they are more green, and should be more reliable and last longer.

You can only log on to one thin client machine at a time. If you log on somewhere else, you will be logged off the first thin client. However, you will simply be resuming your virtual session, which will have followed you to the second machine.

Thin clients for students

Thin clients are available in the Library cafe. They're also used with the collaborative screens on the first floor of the Fairhurst.

Thin clients for staff

The VDS offers the option of your desktop being virtualised and run on one of our servers, rather than you needing a desktop PC running a copy of Windows.

The service offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Lower spec equipment can be used (either purpose bought or old, repurposed machines)
  • Environmental and cost saving
  • Easy access to your desktop if working from home or on the move
  • Useful for testing

If you are interested in setting up a thin client in your office, please contact the Library & IT Help Desk. You may also wish to discuss your requirements and the suitability of the thin clients service with your Departmental Computing Officer.

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If you're having problems using the Virtual Desktop Service, get in touch with the Library & IT Help Desk.

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