GNU/Linux service

Facilities available

Logging in

If you haven't changed your password since August 2013, you'll need to update it to be able to log in to Linux systems.

We have two machines running Ubuntu Linux.

One machine is for staff and research postgraduates. It is called research0 and has excellent capacity for compute intensive research: four AMD processors totalling 64 cores, with 512GB RAM within the server.

The second machine, teaching0, is for student use, and has two AMD processors totalling 32 cores, with 256GB RAM.

In order to help ensure fair access, the following limits on how much resource an individual user can take apply:

  • You will only be permitted to use half of the total system RAM
  • The number of threads you can start will be limited to 1024 per CPU core

System availability

The machines are available 24 hours a day except for scheduled downtime for patching:

  • research0 is patched once a month between 5am and 7am on the first Tuesday of each month 
  • teaching0 is patched once a week between 5am and 7am each Tuesday

After patches are applied, the machines will be rebooted to finish patching  - when this occurs, any users or processes still using the machine at that point will be stopped.

Occasionally, we may need to apply security updates outside the scheduled patching window. We will only do this when there is a critical issue that cannot wait until the next scheduled downtime.

Cron service

We have a cron service that can be used to run regular scheduled tasks - eg scripts and programs - on a Linux server.

The cron service is only available to registered users - to register for the service, please email the Library & IT Help Desk with a request for access to the cron service.

We've provided brief information about the service in our Knowledge Base:

This service is not intended for intensive compute jobs; these jobs should be run on the central compute servers, research0 and teaching0.