Accessibility statement

Moves and Changes

Moves and changes for members of the University

If you are a member of the University, and require help with a move that includes changes to network and telephone locations, please email the Library & IT Help Desk ( with the following details:

  • Date of move
  • PC name
  • New location, including:
    • building
    • room number
    • network socket number (if available)

We can then ensure your PC will work in your new location.

Moves and changes requested by external contractors


Registering a device if you are not a member of the University

All network devices to be connected to the University network must be registered in the IT Services LAN database, and allocated an IP address before they are connected.

If the device is connected before registration, it will be quarantined, and may require considerable effort to release.  

Many devices are connected to our facilities network, which uses private IP addresses and is connected to the main campus network by a firewall. Such devices would typically include CCTV, BMS, environmental control, access control, EPoS, telephony, and similar equipment. If such a device needs a public IP address or needs to communicate across the firewall, this should be noted in the request.

Requests for registration and IP allocation for external contractors are handled by a web-based system.

To submit a request, you need a username and password for our External Moves and Changes webpage. If your company doesn't have a username for this system, you can request one by emailing the Library & IT Help Desk with the subject line Moves and Changes login request and including your contact details.

Submitted requests will allocated to the relevant teams for processing.

We recommend using the guidance provided on the Submitting a request for an IP address tab when completing the form.

Submitting a request for an IP address

Notes for submitting a request

To submit a request, log on to the External Moves and Changes webpage.

If your company doesn't have a username for this system, you can request one by emailing suitable contact details to the Library & IT Help Desk with the subject line Moves and Changes login request.

Fill in the following details:

Field Guidance 
Contact Name  Your name 
Email address The email address to which you want notifications to be sent following this request. 
Device description  This should be a short description of the type of equipment, and should include make and model. If it's not obvious to a layman what type of equipment it is, please indicate whether it's a system for building management, access control, CCTV, etc by putting a word in brackets, eg "(BMS)". If it's an EPoS device, please be specific (till, printer, Chip&PIN, cardreader, etc). 
Device name  This must be no more than 10 characters, and must contain only letters and digits. It should reflect the location and type and some unique identifier for this device. If you're unsure what might be appropriate, IT Services will be happy to make suggestions. For example, a PXG80 BMS device in the Ron Cooke Hub building might be called "rchpxg02". IT Services reserve the right to change the name if necessary to match local conventions. 
MAC address  Must be entered in the appropriate format, ie groups separated by hyphens, eg 00-19-D1-7H-8B-12  
The MAC address may also be known as the Ethernet address or hardware address. It consists of 12 characters which may be shown in any of these formats: 00-19-D1-7H-8B-12, 00:19:D1:7H:8B:12, or 0019D17H8B12. It can usually be found on a sticker on the equipment or a label on the box.
New location  This is the room number where the device will be situated. 
Door Ref  This is only required for access control equipment such as lock controllers. If not required, enter a dash. 
Socket Ref  This is the label of the data outlet to which the device will be connected. Please note that only one device can be connected per outlet; the University does not permit the use of Ethernet switches or hubs. 
Date required  In the form "dd/mm/yyyy". Must be a date in the future. While IT Services will endeavour to process requests quickly, please bear in mind that it may take several days to plan and carry out any necessary infrastructure work in order to provide the appropriate network facilities in the requested location. 
Supplier notes  You may add any short note here if desired, for example if you need further information, or need special firewall rules. 

Click on Add New once all the fields are complete. Once you've made an entry, you can still edit it or delete it, until it is processed by IT Services.

You will receive a confirmation email shortly after your entry is successfully submitted.

Once you have been allocated an IP address

After your device has been registered

An email will be sent to the address you gave in your submission, confirming than an IP address has been allocated. You will be able to see the allocated address, gateway, and netmask and any other information by re-visiting the External Moves and Changes webpage.

If you require any other information, or think you may require special firewall rules, please email the Library & IT Help Desk for further help.