Updating York Print Plus

Over the 2018 Easter and Summer vacations, we will be replacing York Print Plus devices with improved models.

The new devices are easier and quicker to use, more energy efficient and more cost effective.


Existing devices were replaced over the Easter 2018 vacation on a per building basis.

Rollout plan


At the start of the Summer 2018 vacation, we'll replace the existing student devices.

New contract for our printing services

It's now over five years since the York Print Plus (YPP) project began and as such our contract with our supplier came to an end at the beginning of 2018. We're pleased to announce that we have awarded the new contract to Landscape Printing Systems, and they have been our supplier since 5 January 2018.

We have an opportunity in working with Landscape to refresh most of our HP multifunction devices (MFDs). This means we can replace refresh our aging MFDs with brand new HP devices.

The new HP devices have a new look and feel interface and the hardware is quicker, more energy efficient and more cost effective. At the same time we're changing from the existing print management software which will allow us to enhance our services such as eprint.

In addition to the new devices, Landscape are also providing a full time on-site engineer which we hope will improve the response time for fault fixing.

What's happening and when?

Over the Easter 2018 vacation we are working in partnership with Landscape to replace the existing fleet of staff devices. Devices will be replaced on a per building basis. 

The rollout plan will be updated weekly as we progress through the project.

On the day we replace a device, IT Services staff will be on hand to offer training and support. We're currently updating our existing support documentation so that it's ready in time for you to learn about the new devices.

At the start of the Summer 2018 vacation, we'll replace the existing student devices.

What if I need to print on old and new devices?

The phased rollout means that we'll be running two print queues until we replace all the existing student devices.

The new print queue is called Printcloud on print.york.ac.uk and the old queue will still be Printcloud on ypp.york.ac.uk for the remaining student devices.

We recognise that this phased approach may cause some issues for staff who print on student devices and vice versa.

For staff who may need to print on existing student devices we advise that you keep both queues on your PC/laptop and that you send your print jobs to both Printcloud queues to ensure that you can collect from any MFD.

There are some staff devices that have been enabled for student use. Once those departments have new devices installed, students will not be able to use them until we've completed the replacement of student devices during the 2018 summer vacation. If this affects your department, please speak to us so we can put alternative solutions in place.

Once the student devices have been replaced we'll return to one queue for all printers.

How do I start using the new printers?

At the start of the Easter 2018 vacation we'll add the new Printcloud on print.york.ac.uk queue to all managed PCs and laptops.

Staff can chose which queue to set as their default on their devices.

If you use an unmanaged device, you can easily add the new queue yourself - please see our setup guides. We've included a new installer to easily add the queue on macOS devices.

How do you decide which printer you'll install for our department?

When we select devices, we'll consider:

  • Which MFD you currently have
  • The usage levels over the last 12 months
  • Any requests for upgrades/change

In addition, as was the case when your current hardware was selected, consideration will be given to the cost of providing the hardware against the expected income from usage.

In nearly all cases, colour devices will be HP Pagewide Ink technology, which gives the best colour print speed available, and has the lowest environmental impact.

We also have a new option of a single function device which prints but does not copy or scan, and still uses a card login to release prints - these have been specified in some areas where print usage is too low to warrant a multifunction device.

Where significant changes are made to functionality (eg moving to a single function device, removal of hardware, or addition of functionality like colour or A3 printing) this will be done in consultation with super users and department management.

What's happening to the stock of consumables we have left over?

In order to minimise the cost to the University up to and during the rollout phase, we intend to actively monitor the consumable supply process to minimise the amount of toner left in hardware when it is replaced. This may mean toner runs lower than normal before a replacement arrives, or in some cases toner is not sent.

If we think toner is not needed as the downtime will be minimal (before device is due to be replaced), we will get in touch with the super user (or named device contact) beforehand, to ensure such downtime is not business critical. Of course we will ensure there are available facilities up and running in each department / area.

Are you making any changes to costs?

As part of the project plan we'll review the current costs and service model. We intend to review the charges for York Print Plus at Christmas 2018

What are the implications for me or my department?

We appreciate that the rollout process may be confusing, so if you have any questions at all please contact either the IT Support Office or your departmental Super User to discuss specific requirements.