Help for print account group managers

The charge management system enables group account managers to set quotas for group members. This allows you to keep tighter control of your central printing costs, as once a user has run out of quota, they will no longer to be able to charge print jobs to your group account.

As a group account manager, you can:

  • See the current balance and other details of your departmental account
  • Add users to the group, with a quota
  • Remove selected users from the group
  • Change quotas for selected members of the group

Step-by-step instructions for these facilities are shown below.

Checking group account details

Departmental account details are displayed at the top of the page and include:

  • Group account ID
  • Group account name
  • Account balance. This is the total outstanding balance currently issued to users, ie the maximum charge to the department should every user use their entire balance before the next billing period.
  • Charge Code.  This is the account that will be charged each month. 
  • Managers.  All of the users listed here have full control over the group account and can add, remove and edit users and their balances.

To update these details, please contact the Library & IT Help Desk.

Adding new users

To add new users to the group:

  1. Go to the section Give users quota from this account
  2. Enter one or more usernames into the box, separated by spaces
  3. Fill in the quota (in pence)
  4. Click the button labelled Give specified users a departmental quota
  5. Check the new membership list to make sure the new users have been added

If any usernames cannot be added, you will be notified of this at the top of the page. If this occurs, please check the username is correct. 

Removing users

To remove one or more members of the group:

  1. Click the tickbox next to the member(s) you wish to remove
  2. Go to the section Remove departmental quotas for selected users
  3. Click the button Remove the selected users departmental quotas
  4. Check the membership list to confirm they have been removed

Setting quotas

To set the quota for one or more members of the group:

  1. Click the tickbox next to the appropriate user(s) in the membership list
  2. Go to the section Give users quota from this account
  3. Fill in the new quota in pence (eg 1000 to give them £10.00)
  4. Click the button Give specified users a departmental quota
  5. Check the membership list to confirm the new quotas have been allocated 


Users with quotas provided by their department are charged for printing as follows:

  1. Any IT Services free quota is used first
  2. Any quotas given to them by departments is then used.  If they have quotas from multiple departments, these are used proportionally to the remaining balance from each department.  For example, if a user has £5 from Department A and £1 from Department B, printing 60p of printing would result in a 50p charge to Department A and a 10p charge to Department B.
  3. Finally, any cash or card payments made by the user are used, starting with the oldest payment first.

Departmental charges

  • Departments are not charged for any quota allocated to users until it is used  
  • Quota allocated to users can be reclaimed at any time before it is used
  • Charging against the department happens on, or shortly after, the first of each month, for all printing done in the previous month
  • Users given quota are charged standard student rates for any printing done