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Google Sites conversion tool

Posted on 5 September 2018

Google has recently introduced a tool that makes it easier to convert Classic (old) Google Sites into New Google Sites.

The Google Sites conversion tool will automatically create a draft in the new format from a Classic site. It will have the updated look and feel of New Sites, but the content from the Classic Site. The draft can then be reviewed and edited in the New Sites interface.

There are then two options for making the site go live: it can either be published to the same URL as the Classic Site (to replace the original Site and automatically redirect viewers) or it can be published to a new URL, to preserve the old version of the Site for now.

Not all Classic Sites can be converted using this tool. To see if the tool will work on a site:

  1. Open your Classic (old) Site from

  2. From settings (‘more actions’) cog, choose Manage site

  3. In the left menu, you will see Convert to new Sites

When you open a Classic Site, you may also see a banner at the top that says “Convert your site to the new Google Sites Try it now’. Click on ‘Try it now’ to start the conversion process.

If you do not see either of these options, the site is not suitable for conversion currently, most likely due to some of the features included on the site. Google are working on making the tool work with more Classic Sites features.

For further information, see Google’s page on ‘Convert your site to new Sites’.

Some features may not be converted as you’d expect. Google have a page on ‘What to expect when you convert a site’ which covers how Classic Sites features will be converted. Note that New Sites are saved on Drive, and new Drive folders may be created in the owner’s Drive containing page attachments from the Classic Site.

See IT Services for more information on using Google Sites at York.