Accessibility statement

Remote laptop support during coronavirus restrictions

While you're working from home, we are changing the way we operate to enable us to continue you offering you support. This will cover three areas:

  • purchase of new devices
  • replacement of faulty devices which are covered by a warranty
  • support for 'out of warranty' or software faults.

Purchasing a new device

All our suppliers will deliver new purchases directly to your home address. For more detail see:

Hardware faults covered by warranty

If your laptop develops a fault while it's still covered by its warranty, Getech (our laptop supplier) will deliver a replacement device directly to your home address. This service does not cover accidental damage.

We can check whether your laptop is still covered by a warranty; most are covered for three years, and some for five years.

Out of warranty or software fault

If your machine is out of warranty, or develops a software fault, it won't be eligible for replacement by Getech. However, if you don't have any other device available to use at home and the fault fundamentally affects your ability to work, we will attempt to fix the issue or provide a loan device.

Where possible, we will provide a collection and delivery service, but for some fault resolutions we may need you to visit campus - see details of both options below. Our staff will follow agreed health and safety processes at all times.

If your device has a fault that means we need to provide you with a loan device, we will deliver it to you, providing that you live within 15 miles of the University. If you live outside this radius, we will consider using a courier service.

We will check that the machine is working correctly before we bring it to you; our staff will wear gloves at all times.

  • The new laptop will be delivered to you during an agreed time window
  • The laptop will be left on your doorstep - we'll knock on the door or ring the bell, then retreat to maintain the two metre distance and wait for you to answer the door and collect the laptop.
  • You will then need to call IT Support to get support for your initial login and setup.

Sometimes, the only fix for a software fault is to come onto campus and connect to eduroam for the device to work again. 

In this case, we will contact you and arrange to collect the device following the no contact method described on the local collection/delivery tab. As above, our staff will wear gloves at all times.

We will then take the device back onto campus and attempt to resolve the issue; if it can't be fixed, we'll provide a replacement device. We'll then return to your home and drop off the fixed or replacement laptop, again using the no contact method.

If we need you to come to campus

If we do not have any spare loan devices and the fault cannot be fixed remotely we may ask you to come onto campus and log in with your own username and password.

This would only be suggested as a last resort once all other remote support procedures are exhausted.

  • We will need to make a special request for your visit to campus to be approved, and for you to be issued with a Key Worker letter.
  • You will come to campus at the agreed time and park in the Central Campus car park
  • You will then stay in your car, call the number that you've been given for support, and we will assist you in connecting to the network and resolving the issue.