Walking with the Romans: Daily Life in Eboracum

York was founded by the Romans, and for over three centuries their city of Eboracum was a thriving, noisy, busy, settlement, where people from Europe and Africa lived and worked together.

Many of York’s Roman stories are well-known: the emperors who lived and died here and the legacies they created. But what was life like for the regular inhabitants of York eighteen centuries ago? How did people go about their daily lives? Where were they from? What did they eat? At what did they work? How were they buried?

A team of intern researchers, working with IPUP and York Museums Trust, have created a walking trail around York, answering these very questions and investigating the city’s Roman legacy. Comprised of six stops, each exploring a different aspect of the daily life in Eboracum, the trail teases out the hidden lives of Roman York.

Trail map and audio tour

The map and audio tour for the trail are available to download for free:

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Statue of Emperor Constantine

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