Research Archive‌

Below are listed earlier research projects generated through IPUP, with links to the project pages and ongoing research threads.‌

Audiences and Participation

IPUP is working with heritage institutions to research participatory practices and research public understanding by asking people about their relationships to the past.


IPUP is involved in a number of projects in and around the city of York, such the intern project developing content the history of york website, and producing digital heritage trails, podcasts and apps. Details are collected here.

Packaging the Past

IPUP has held media events and is conducting new research for a book about how the past is packaged and presented in the contemporary media.


This project explores the relations between memory and re-enactment, and the imaginative relationship between past and present.

Heritage Interactions

A project seeking to understand the role of artistic practice in the interpretation of heritage.

National Identity and Belongingness

A project on how 'Britishness', 'Britain' and 'Englishness' have been defined. Are we seeing the 'end of Britain'?

‌1807 Commemorated

How the bicentenary of the abolition of the slave trade was commemorated. An AHRC-funded project, in collaboration with seven national museum partners. The 1807 Commemorated project analysed public debate and activity regarding the bicentenary of the abolition of the slave trade.

The project tried to identify and understand how 1807 was marked by different agencies and communities in Britain, and the consequences of this for the expression of national, local and community identity, and for the development of a range of social debates addressing multiculturalism and social inclusion.


IPUP hosts conferences on the uses and interpretations of the past in the media and in heritage spaces, bringing together academics, heritage practitioners and broadcasters to foster dialogue across these sectors.

Seminar Series

Signpost to York attractions

IPUP’s interdisciplinary seminar series Navigating the Past reflects on the public uses of the past, and explores the ways in which academics play a part in these ongoing conversations.

Speaker Series

IPUP’s Media Speaker Series invites historians and broadcasters to reflect upon their professional experience of communicating history to diverse audiences.