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PhD studentship success for Shawna Browarsky-Quigley

Posted on 27 May 2022

We are pleased to announce that Shawna Browarsky-Quigley, a current student on our MA in Public History, has been awarded a fully-funded PhD studentship at the University of Leicester from September 2023.

The project is entitled "Interconnecting Pasts in Contemporary Comics" and is part of their Future 100 scholarships, based in the department of Modern Languages.

The research will focus on examining how difficult pasts shape present societies and how popular media (comics and graphic novels) represent the past and present. The project's primary methodology is through memory studies, specifically drawing on the concept of multidirectional memory (Rothberg 2009). Shawna intends to build on her current masters dissertation, which is on teaching the Holocaust through Maus, by examining how more recent history such as the Kosovo War, the 2008 financial crisis, and the Covid 19 pandemic, through comics, inform us about the past.

Her PhD aims to investigate how and why the past is mobilised in selected contemporary comics? What are the relationships between past and present mediated through these comics? How do collective and individual memories intersect through the mobilisation of past events in the present and what is their intended function in relation to global issues and inequalities? It will be interdisciplinary, drawing on public history, modern languages, visual culture, memory, and area studies.