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Horrible Histories Event - Q & A Session

Posted on 12 January 2018

Do you love Horrible Histories? Then join us for a lively, funny and informative event with Horrible Histories TV series Chief History Nerd, Greg Jenner.

In Conversation with Greg Jenner (author, TV presenter & Horrible Histories historical consultant) 
Bowland Auditorium Weds 17th Jan 2pm to 3pm
An IPUP event open to all University of York Students & Staff
Greg Jenner is a public historian with a particular interest in communicating history through pop culture. He is the Historical Consultant to all 7 series of the Emmy and Bafta award-winning Horrible Histories and is the author of "A Million Years in a Day: A Curious History of Ordinary Life from Stone Age to Phone Age", an entertaining romp through the evolution of our daily routines. Greg is also the co-presenter of 'Inside Versailles' the BBC's companion programme to the TV drama Versailles. 

Come and join us for this informal Q&A event and find out the behind-the-scenes secrets of Horrible Histories and get tips about working in comedy, in TV or as a historical consultant.
Open to all University of York students & staff 
Chaired by Dr Hannah Greig (dept of history -