The Dark Art of Historical Consultancy

Wednesday 25 January 2017, 2.00PM to 3.00pm

Speaker(s): Greg Jenner & Hannah Greig

Behind the scenes of TV history and the Dark Art of historical consultancy.

Do you dream of a life as a historical consultant?  Have you ever fancied writing a TV script set in the past?  Do you ever shout at the TV when period dramas "get it wrong"?  Then come and join our free and informal Q & A event with;

GREG JENNER - Author, Presenter of "Inside Versailles" and Consultant to "Horrible Histories" TV "some other stuff"

HANNAH GREIG - York History Department and Consultant to "Poldark" "some other stuff" as well!

Come and meet Greg and Hannah and ask them about their work on TV dramas and also hear their thoughts on whether historical accuracy matters.

Location: Bowland Auditorium

Admission: Free