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Institute for the Public Understanding of the Past: International Workshop

Wednesday 14 September 2016, 5.00PM to 16th Sept 5:30pm

Speaker(s): A variety of speakers from around the world including China, India, Russia, South Africa, Brazil, Spain, The Netherlands and the UK

The aim of the workshop is to explore and reflect on public understandings and uses of the past, and practices of public history, in a global, international and transnational perspective.  We are defining "public history" and "public understandings of the past" quite broadly, to include anything that is to do with historians engaging with communities or public policy making or history-making outside academic circles, or with the public significance and uses of historical understanding more generally.

We have speakers from China, India, Russia, South Africa, Brazil, The Netherlands and Spain as well as the UK. Some presentations will explore the forms and challenges of public history in different parts of the world, while others will engage with particular thematic areas - the public history of health, commemoration, race and slavery, the public history of cathedrals and historic cities.

A list of speakers and titles (where confirmed) is available here; International Workshop Speakers updated 02.08.16 (MS Word , 47kb) 

A timetable for the workshop is available here; International Workshop Timetable updated 02.08.16 (MS Word , 19kb)

Tickets are priced at £110 per person for the full workshop including a conference dinner on the evening of 15th September OR £80 per person for the full workshop but excluding the conference dinner.  Tickets are available to purchase via 

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We have a limited number of student tickets priced at £50 (excluding the conference dinner).  For further details regarding these tickets please email from your student email account.

Location: Berrick Saul, University of York

Admission: £110 including conference dinner; £80 excluding conference dinner