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Internship at Lion TV

Posted on 1 October 2014

I have been interested in television production for some time.

My internship at Lion TV was one of the most exciting opportunities I have been lucky enough to have.  I have been interested in television production for some time but unsure how to get experience in the sector, and this week, though all-too-short, was perfect as an introduction into the workings of a company like Lion TV.  Myself and the other internship student were set wild in the libraries of London to research material for future episodes of the show we were working on, but there were also opportunities to work more closely with the production team.  There were two meetings that week that we were lucky enough to sit in on, one being a meeting on the historical background to an episode, and one being the first read-through of sketches for a different episode.  It was really interesting to see how the historical advisors and the writing team worked together, and it was a very pleasant working atmosphere.  I also spent one day in the office, researching material for a different show than the one we were working on, which gave me an opportunity to see more of the company in action, and an insight into the different forms of production happening within the same space.  It was a fantastic week; I love project work, storytelling and working within a team, and my internship has given me confidence to pursue my interest in television production.‌


Beatrice Wallbank

Public History Internship‌