Internship at DIG.

Posted on 1 October 2014

Jorvik's archaeological attraction.

My internship at DIG, Jorvik’s archaeological attraction, was both fun and fulfilling.  I was working on a project to develop resources for the teaching of prehistory to primary-age children, as the curriculum is changing to include this period of history, and there are few resources anywhere to cater to it, since it has not been on the curriculum before.  I researched current resources, and put together a series of lesson plans, a plan for a loan box, and information for a series of posters, to make resources for teachers.  Going into the education office on two afternoons a week for ten weeks meant that I was able to get a feel for both the day-to-day running of the attraction and the creation of one-off projects.  I was given the opportunity to sit in on workshops and tours, and it was particularly interesting to encounter various methods of teaching history to different age groups.  The working atmosphere was friendly and encouraging, and I was able to follow my own project through from the first ideas to the creation of the resource pack at the end.  Since I left, a prehistoric loan box has been put together; it is very exciting to have helped in the creation of something which is of use to the company.  I really enjoy storytelling and project work, and DIG gave me the opportunity to begin to learn how to present information to children in an interesting fashion, which I hope will be something I am able to pursue in the future.

Beatrice Wallbank

Public History Internship‌