The University of York is a place where everyone with an interest in mental health can come to learn. Whether this interest is professional or personal, we’re here to ignite curiosity, promote awareness and debate preconceptions about mental health.

The Institute of Mental Health Research drives new courses and refines the content of existing ones with new evidence and insights generated by research.

We shine a light on learning opportunities for our current and prospective undergraduate and postgraduate students at the University of York. We develop their knowledge and critical thinking around psychiatric diagnosis. We build their skills in providing evidence-informed mental health care and in designing interventions. We improve their understanding of how policies and the wider social, digital and physical environment can threaten or protect mental health.

We serve as a gateway to continuous professional development and lifelong education. We promote learning resources and knowledge dissemination events to inform and upskill both specialist and lay audiences in mental health, emotional wellbeing and human behaviour. These activities are all based on research evidence, lived experiences and contemporary discourse.

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