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           The Well-being of Children in the UK
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picture of the front cover of the book. Children playing on a roundabout in a play park

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This new and expanded report contains a unique collection of evidence on child well-being across the UK. It is an invaluable source of information for anyone working with children in the UK.

Jonathan Bradshaw and Emese Mayhew, with a team of researchers at the University of York, have analysed data on 12 key areas of children's lives.

The report shows improvements in some areas of children’s lives, but a significant deterioration in others.
Author Jonathan Bradshaw from the University of York said:
“Child well-being is improving. Educational attainment is higher, child poverty rates are declining steadily and there are some signs that youth crime is decreasing. However, there is cause for concern in other areas. The UK continues to have the highest number of children in workless households in the EU, school exclusions are increasing and homelessness for families with children seems to be going up. More needs to be done to monitor the well-being of children in the UK and especially we need a national survey of children.”

The key findings are available from the summary of the book. It contains a table that tells you at a glance which areas of children's lives are improving, remaining static or deteriorating.





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