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Social exclusion, income and poverty

Carers and asset management for older people

Carers' aspirations and decisions around work and retirement

Child poverty in large families

Child support international comparisons

Costs of poverty and social exclusion among 16-18 year olds

Deprivation and variations in teenage conceptions and abortions in England

Disability, care and participation: secondary analysis of the Life Opportunities Survey and the 2009/10 Survey of Carers in Households

Drivers of social exclusion

Expert opinions: a national survey of parents caring for a severely disabled child

Financial consequences of the death of a partner

Housing benefit payment methods: claimant perspectives

How to measure extreme poverty in the European Union

International comparative paper on policies relating to child well-being

Impact of Disability Living Allowance and Attendance Allowance

Ladders out of poverty

Local index of child well-being

Lone parents, childcare and work

Making persons with disabilities full citizens: new knowledge for an inclusive and sustainable European social model

Material deprivation and social exclusion among young Asutralians: a child-focused approach

Measurement of absolute poverty

Minimum income standard for Britain

National action plans for social inclusion

National survey of minority ethnic families caring for a severely disabled child

New Deal for Disabled People National Extension

Non Universal Credit working age benefits: policy development paper

Partnership Initiatives in Communities

Poverty measurement using consumption data

Poverty: the outcomes for children

Review of evidence on disabled children and young people's access to positive and inclusive activities

Routes onto incapacity benefits

Self-employed: working and saving for retirement

Social, economic and health impacts of WaveLength’s work on loneliness and isolation

Survey of poverty and social exclusion in Britain

Understanding social exclusion across the lifecourse: Youth and young adulthood

Use of the Social Fund among families with children

Well-being of children in the UK

Which pensioners do not spend their incomes and why?

York Fairness Commission

Young people, money and risk in early adult life

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