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Social Policy, Employment And Family Change In Comparative Perspective

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This book is a comparative study of family change, parental employment and social policy in the five Nordic countries, the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom. In all these countries family forms have been profoundly affected by:

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lower fertility rates

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lower marriage rates

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increased cohabitation

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higher risks of relationship breakdown

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episodes of lone parenthood.

These changes have also been linked to an increase in the proportion of mothers participating in the labour market.

The contributors to this book trace these social trends over the last twenty years and analyse how social policy has developed and evolved in response. They argue that while the Nordic countries pioneered efforts to recognise new family forms and reconcile work and family life, there is still considerable variation between them as well as some evidence that the non-Nordic countries are catching up.


Social Policy, Employment and Family Change in Comparative Perspective will strongly appeal to academics and researchers of social policy as well as policy makers looking to learn from the experiences of these countries.

Edited by Jonathan Bradshaw, Professor of Social Policy and Head, Department of Social Policy and Social Work, University of York, UK and Aksel Hatland, Research Director, NOVA, Oslo, Norway

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