General Music resources 

Protect your ears - an article on the causes of hearing loss 
GR Music - comprehensive list of links to contemporary music sites 
American Music Centre 
Australian Music Centre 
Music Resources on the Internet 
WWW Virtual Library, Music Index 
Svensk Music 
Yahoo Music Page 
Artist Research, Composers' Aid and Network Access (ARCANA) 
Centre for the Promotion of Contemporary Composers 
International Directory of Musicians 

Electroacoustic Music Resources 

Ambrose Field's Electroacoustic Composition resources page 
Computer Music Journal 
International Computer Music Association 
Csound Front Page at MIT 
CSound sources on SourceForge - a great codemine for audio processing C code 
International Computer Music Association Computer Music Software Library 
The Composers Desktop Project 
Media Arts dictionary (French/English)  
Organised Sound 
Australian Centre for the Arts and Technology 
Australian Computer Music Association 
Birmingham Electroacoustic Sound Theatre (BEAST) 
Centre for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA) 
MIT Media Lab 
University of Iowa Electronic Musi Studios 
Prix Ars Electronica 
Society for Electroacoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS) 
Canadian Electroacoustic Community 
GRM Group de Recherches Musicales 
Helsinki University of Technology 
CNMAT Research Berkeley 
UCSB Center For Research in Electronic Art Technology (CREATE) 
Danish Institute of Electroacoustic Music 
Laboratoria De Investigacion Y Produccion Musical 
Real-Time Composition Library for MAX 
Computers and Music Home Page: 
SSEY0 (Koan algorithmic software) 
Wowem Women on the web, electro-media 
AR Editions - Music publishers  
Interactive Media, Music, and More 
Library of Congress 
Sonic Arts Network (GB) 
NoTAM - Norwegian network for technology, acoustics and music 
Princeton Sound Kitchen 
Midi Manufacturers Association home page 
Electronic Music Foundation 
Centro Ricerche Musicali 
The International Documentation of Electroacoustic Music Project 
The International Computer Music Conference 1998 
Musical Acoustics Research Library (MARL) 
New Music Radio on the Internet 
Wired magazine 
64-channel computer-controlled speaker system - Rob Waring's Sonomatrix Web site 
CICV Pierre Schaeffer Cyberinterface 
Computer Music Bibliography. 
Center for New Music and Audio Technologies Research Focus 
Swiss Centre for Computer Music 
Machine Listening Group 
Institute for Psychoacoustics and Electronic Music, Belgium 

Gesture Recognition and Human - Computer Interaction Resources 

Mapping Expressive Intention with the Digital Baton 
International Working Group on Interactive Systems and Instrument Design in Music 
Sensing Motions: Defining a 'Tradition' in Interactive Music Performance 
Mark Coniglio Troika 
Sidney Fels 
Mega Project (IST funded project for Multisensory Expressive Gesture Applications ) 
Bill Buxtons Homepage 
Marcelo Wanderley's homepage 
Good introductory paper from IRCAM 
New Interfaces for Musical Expression Outline of current & previous conferences and papers in this area. 

C Programming Resources 

Dev-C++software - free (and very good) C++ development system 
DevCentral  - many useful resources including C++ tutorials
wxWindows  gives you a single, easy-to-use API for writing GUI applications on multiple platforms
Mingw  - Minimalist gnu for windows
A general discussion on naming variables and objects
One approach to coding conventions, including naming variables and objects
Another approach to naming from the Object Oriented Programming web site.
Tutorials in C++ Programming at
and another
Doxygen   is a fantastically good documentation system for C++, Java, IDL and C.
Andy Hunt's links for C programming 
Software Engineering 

Computing resources 

UK Mirror service - sites for all computing platforms 


SGl Anonymous FTP sites 
Midi interface for SGI's
The Free Software Foundation  
Practical Reusable UNIX Software  

  Apple Mac 

Apple Developer site


Microsoft developers library 

Tcl/TK resources 

The Home of Tcl  Download Tcl/Tk from here.
Visualisation Toolkit for Tk 
Snack Audio Extension for Tcl/Tk 
Cameron Laird's personal notes on Tcl compilers 
References and books 
MkTclApp: A Tool For Mixing C/C++ with Tcl/Tk 
Visual Tcl 
TclTutor - computer aided lessons on Tcl 
Embedded Tk 
MkTclApp: A Tool For Mixing C/C++ with Tcl/Tk 
FreeWrap - Build stand alone TCL/TK applications 

Music Technology and Disablement Resources 

Drake Music Project 
Jessie's Fund  
Sound It Out (community music) 
Coalition for Disabled Musicians: 
Share Music Courses 

Professional Audio resources 

EBU Technical Library 
Audio-Video news  
More audio news from Pro-AV  
Pro Audio Review equipment reviews 
LiveSound International  
EQ Magazine 
Interactive Audio Group 
e-Print Archive of Technical Papers on Sound 
Audio Performance of Operating Systems 
MiniDisc Technology 
Audio double blind subjective listening tests 
PC ABX - software to do ABX testing 
Studio mixer manual 
Parsons Audio,  a pro-audio company website with a good collection of links.
Whitepapers from TC Electronics. 
Technical notes from Lavry Engineering. 
Life expectancy of audio tapes 
Restoration of audio tapes 
Dither and other topics 
More on dither  
Yet more papers on dither and the effects of jitter in digital audio links 
James A. Moorer's technical papers - a most useful resource.
Extrabit  - a high-quality DirectX plug-in for mastering digital audio.
CDRCue  - PQ cuesheet editor
24 Bit Field Recordings 
Theatre Sound  
DAFX 98 (Digital Audio Effects conference) Papers 
Digital Audio primer from Earlevel dot com
Audio Converters at Crystal Semiconductors 
PC AV Tech Soundcard Reports 
Mpeg and Audio by Philips 
FTP Directory: 
FTP Directory: 
Ircam's Sound Description Interchange Format (SDIF) page 
Acoustic Renaissance for Audio 
Audio Engineering Society 
The Institute of Acoustics 
Acoustical Society of America 
On-line issues of JASA 
Possibly the fastest C subroutine library for computing the Discrete Fourier Transform 
Ooura's mathematical software  - includes very fast fft's
Mathematical physics  - particularly useful for surround sound 

Soundfile Formats Resources 

EBU Broadcast Wave Format 
More on the EBU Broadcast Wave Format 
Metadata in the EBU Broadcast Wave Format 
SoX - Sound eXchange soundfile converter (open source project) 
Audio File Library 
Audio File Format FAQ 
The Programmer's File Format Collection 
The `libsndfile' Home Page. 
Wave Files - The Sonic Spot 
WAVE File Format 
Audio file format conversion support from FMJ-Software 

General Audio Resources 

Alan Blumlein 
Audio servicing info 
Lots of interesting applets demonstrating audio waveforms and processes 
The IA-SIG Home Page 
Rycote - furry windshields 
MusicPro home page 
Engineering Virtual Library  
The Radiation Zone home page for all things Audio   is an online auction of used pro audio, video, and musical instruments.
AUDIOPHILE AUDITION Home Page of the monthly E-zine for audio and home theater fans 
PC Recording 
Welcome to MAZ home 
Peavey Website Map 

DSP Resources  

Music DSP source code archives 
Robin Clark's PhD Thesis covers many of the problems involved in the use of real world arithmetic formats in digital audio equaliser systems. Essential reading.
Viperr's Audio DSP page 
Denormals - an essential paper to read if you are doing DSP on a standard computer 
DSP generation of Pink (1/f) Noise 
Scope FIR shareware FIR filter designer 
Interactive Digital Filter design tool  
The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing 
the DSP dimension 
Harmony Central audio programming 
DSP Guru 
BORES - Introduction to DSP 
Texas Instruments DSP knowledge base 
Portaudio  portable audio library

Surround Sound Resources 

Ambisonic VST plugins writen by people at York 
Christian Schneider's VST Ambisonic plugins 
Ambisonic Decoders 
Virtual Mic software;
Spherical Harmonic Study Index 
Spherical Harmonics  
Duen Hsi Yen's Binaural Sound Page 
The history of Film sound  - includes details of Disney's Fantasia sound system
Surround Professional Magazine 
Wendy Carlos Gosurround  
Stereoscopic 3D Virtual Reality Homepage  - Complete Market Surveys of 3D-Glasses, VR-Helmets and 3D-Software
Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society 
CSM Center for Wave Phenomena free software, Seismic Unix, wavelets, more 
WDSPA and other  sound spatialization programs written by Oscar Pablo Di Liscia
Jan Jacob Hoffmann's Sonic Architecture site - includes second order CSound scores and orchestras 
Cuan  - commercial Ambisonic tools
CIPIC HRTF Database  - database of high-spatial-resolution HRTF measurements for 45 different subjects.
AirJohn Surround Website 

MIDI Resources 

Midi Manufacturers Association home page 
Midi and PIC micros 
Andy Hunt's links for midi 
Java Midi 

Web design resources 

HTML Goodies 
Juicy Studio Tutorials  - also has tutorials on XML, ASP, HTML, XHTML, etc., etc.,
All Things Web  Guide to good web design
HTML coding 
Arachnophilia Web Editor 
HTML for the conceptually challenged 
CGI Scripts and Perl Resources 
Web site accessibility  - make your site better for disabled users.
The Semantic Web - a look at the future? 
The Dublin Core metadata initiative 
NCSA Audio Development Group 
Andy Hunt's Links for web design 

Freeware, Shareware and Software Resources 

Numerical Recipes On-Line 
Scilab - like Matlab but free. Much used by large scale EU projects 
Good introduction to Scilab 
MatLab clones (free!) 
Source Forge, the Open Source Resource 
Gnuplot , an interactive function plotting utility for UNIX, MSDOS, and VMS platforms (this is the msdos version) 
tucows freeware and shareware site 
ZDNet Software Library - Download top-rated shareware, freeware, demos and more 
MSDN Online Library 
Multimedia Registration Kit Revision 3.0 
DJGPP compiler 
Software Archive 

The Voice 

Singing Synthesis at Princeton 
Singing Synthesis at CCRMA 
Flinger Festival Singer 

Audio Software 

PD the software synth 
Speech related free software 
Virtual Audio Cable 
AudioMulch software synthesiser 
Ardour Linux audio editor 
Sweep Multichannel Linux audio editor 
Plogue Bidule 
SuperCollider Mac only, but now free 
Exact Audio Copy - CD track ripper 
Audacity is a cross-platform program for manipulating digital audio waveforms 
FLAC - free lossless compression of digital audio, fully open source 
LPAC - free lossless compression of digital audio, NOT open source 
source code for MP3 - and other - lossy compression of digital audio 
Databaseaudio is a source of free fully functional audio software 
Edinburgh Speech Tools Library - a collection of C++ classes related to audio and speech processing 
FASoft n-Track Studio Multitrack Recording Software Homepage 
Free Protools 
Open Source Portable Real-Time Audio I/O Library 
sndlib library of sound file and audio hardware handlers written in C 
Softsynth jSyn (Java Synthesis) - HMSL(Hierachical Music Specification Language) - JMSL(Java Music Specification Language) - Java Midi 
NetAudio Software 
SoundHack - spectral audio processing for the Mac only, but interesting, nevertheless 
Mac audio software Tom Erbe's (CalArts School of Music) list
AirWindows - mastering tool for the Mac only, but includes Real Basic source code. 


Yvan Grabit's page at Steinberg - source of the VST SDK
Jez Well's VST plugins
Ambisonic VST plugins 
Destroyfx VST plugins home page  
Destroyfx VST plugins source code  
Dev-C++ project for a version of the VST plugin ADelay (with gui). See also the Dev-C++ site.  
Christian Schneider's VST Ambisonic plugins 
Urs Heckmann's page, includes the VST Source Code Archive  
VST Audio Effect Plugins C++ Tutorial at
Digitafishphone's VST plugins 

Multiple Media (S.I.G.) Resources 

Andy Hunt's links for multiple media 

Software Engineering Resources 

Andy Hunt's links for software engineering 
Dr. Dobbs Journal - essential reading 
Extreme Programming 

Electronics and Circuits Resources 

Lessons in electronic circuits at ibiblio 
Electronics theory made simple  
Basic Electronics  
A potpourri of basic electronic circuits, circuit ideas, and formulae  
Ineractive Electronic theory lessons  
Electronic theory at Wikibooks 
The Scots guide to electronics 
ePanorama links page  
Links of use for electronics projects 
Soldering tips at Instructables 
PCB's - a list of links to design software 
TinyCAD open-source schematic capture program for Windows - includes output to Spice 
FreePCB open-source PCB layout program that will accept TinyCAD netlist output 
KiCad open-source EDA suite (schematic capture and pcb layout) that will also accept TinyCAD netlist output 
SuperSpice - free trial of a Spice circuit simulator 
Spice models link page 
More Spice links 
Advanced Mixer Design by Douglas Self of Soundcraft 
Info for people interested in glowing glass tubes (a.k.a. valves) 

General Resources 

WWW Virtual library 
The Wikipedia  a free-content encyclopedia that anyone can edit.
European Patent Server  - more limited collection than the US one, but much better quality free downloads
US patents  Costs money for a full download of a patent, but individual pages can be viewed for free.
UK Patent Office 
University of York library
Film Sound Design - Film Sound Theory 
Columbia Guide to Online Style 
Website for Ross Kirk and Andy Hunt's book 
Graphviz - open source graph drawing software 
Math Forum Internet Collection - mathgraphics 
Math resources on the Web - software   

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