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The Music Technology Group at the University of York Department of Music are now adding new Ambisonic tools to the range already generated by the Swiss Center for Computer Music which were written by Dave Malham and Ambrose Field from the Department of Music, University of York. England. As with the earlier plugins, they have been placed in the public domain as a service to the musical community in general, and electroacoustic musicians in particular, with two conditions;

  1. All rights in the software reside with the sponsors. You may use the software, without charge to you, for any reasonable and legal purpose. You may also redistribute it but you may not sell it or charge for it (except for a materials charge). You must inform users of its source and acknowledge its use.

  2. Although all reasonable care has been taken to ensure that this software is fit for use and in no way infringes any rights, copyrights or laws, by downloading it you accept full responsibility for all consequences, losses or outcomes however caused. You thereby absolve the sponsoring organisations and the code authors of all liabilities.
Currently there are two first order plugins available in the York range; They have been tested in Nuendo 1.5 on PC and Mac (OS9), in the latest beta version of AudioMulch on the PC and in Max/MSP on the Mac.

Mac Users

Please note that there have been reports of problems with the German language versions of OS9, the International and American versions seem more stable.

PC Only Range

There are now two PC only plugins available in the York range;

Third Order Plugins

There are also now alpha versions of the first of a forthcoming range of plugins that can run at in up to third order mode. You can find out more at vst3_ambisonics.html.

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Last updated on Thursday February 27th, 2003