Third Order VST Ambisonic Tools

Powered by Steinberg's VST technology
I have now made available Alpha versions of the first a set of Third Order Ambisonic VST plugins. I have written these as part of an ongoing research programme at Department of Music, University of York. England. They have been placed in the public domain in order to get feedback and as a service to the musical community in general, and electroacoustic musicians in particular, with two conditions;
  1. All rights in the software reside with the originator. You may use the software, without charge to you, for any reasonable and legal purpose. You may also redistribute it but you may not sell it or charge for it (except for a materials charge). You must inform users of its source and acknowledge its use.

  2. Although all reasonable care has been taken to ensure that this software is fit for use and in no way infringes any rights, copyrights or laws, by downloading it you accept full responsibility for all consequences, losses or outcomes however caused. You thereby absolve the sponsoring organisation and the code author of all liabilities.
To the best of my knowledge they are fully functional but I have not tested them extensively, hence the 'Alpha' status. Operation may change without notice as development continues. They have no flashy gui's, relying on whatever the host provides. Unfortunately no Mac versions are available due to ongoing problems with strange behaviour on Mac OS9. Hopefully this will change once I get access to an OSX system.

Currently there are two plugins available in the Third Order range;

These have been tested in the latest beta version of AudioMulch and in Plogue Bidule on the PC.