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B-Proc First Order Ambisonic B-format Processor

Original code by Dave Malham with contibutions from the 2000-2001 Music Technology MA/MSc Software Engineering Group,

For use in multi-channel capable VST hosts such as Nuendo 1.5 (and above), AudioMulch, etc..


VST B Format Processor screen shot


B-dec is a 64-bit double precision ambisonics processor optimised for sound quality . In Nuendo, it should be used in the master effects section, positioned prior to the decoder, if this is in use.


Make sure your B-format signal is in W, X, Y, Z (1,2,3,4) format. Currently (as of June 2002) Nuendo and most other VST hosts do not offer a multichannel file input option so any B Format recordings have to be provided as two stereo files feeding separate input channels. Configure Nuendo so that these two channels feed the processor on these busses. BPan connects itself correctly automatically.


B-Proc allows you to rotate, tilt and tumble a complete first order B-Format soundfield. The order that these operations occur in is importatnt, since it affects the final orientation of the soundfield, as all operations are with respect to the central listening position, not the soundfield - so, if you rotate by 30 degrees to the left, sounds that were 30 degrees to the right are now at the front, if you then tumble the field 20 degrees down, the sounds which were, after the rotate, due front but 20 degrees up, move 20 degrees down to the horizontal and then a tilt by 40 degrees to the left makes any sounds that were (after the rotate and tumble) due left and horizontal, go to due left but 40 degrees down. This will produce a different result from any other sequence of the operations.I suggest you check this out with a beachball! Anyway, all possible combinations can be set using the switch control provided - this changes the effect of the three knobs - the first of which controls the first operation in the sequence selected, the second controls the second, etc.


PC Windows

Simply drop the abfprocedit.dll file into any plugin folder currently active in Nuendo, bur preferably the 'surround' one.


Not currently available

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