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The Music Research Centre's Arthur Sykes Rymer Auditorium is equiped with a sixteen speaker Ambisonic rig. This rig cosists of four high speakers, eight horizontal speakers and four speakers below the audience in the air conditioning plenum duct, which was designed to allow for this. The rig is driven by a Firewire audio interface (Focusrite Saffire Pro) which can be accessed from computers positioned in the performance area via Firewire. This rig can do up to third order horizontal with first order height.

Both MRC studios have 5.1 rigs which can be used for Ambisonics.

We also have various items of analogue Ambisonic hardware, including in-house designed panners, in-house designed programmable and fixed decoders, a Cepiar eight speaker decoder, an Audio Design Pan-Rotate unit, an ST250, a Soundfield and a Core Sound Tetramic.

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