Working with schools

The IEE is helping schools to use research evidence to tackle the problems they face and improve pupil outcomes. We also work with schools on our research projects, evaluating programmes and practices in real classrooms.

Helping schools access research evidence

Our aim is to make education research more accessible to schools, be able to direct practitioners to solutions that have been proven to work, and connect them with colleagues who have faced the same issues.

 Resources and events

  • Best Evidence in Brief is a free fortnightly e-newsletter of education research news (with nearly 15,000 subscribers worldwide)
  • Evidence 4 Impact is an easy-to-use database of education programmes
  • Better: Evidence-based Education is a themed magazine exploring effective practice
  • A Book For Governors aims to help governors understand schools and govern more effectively
  • Our events include a regular conference that brings practitioners together with researchers and policy makers, and an annual Research Methods Summer School

Developing new resources

We are developing new ideas to help schools make the most of research:

Evidence for the Frontline is a service that matches teachers who have a question with resources, researchers, or other schools who can help them to answer that question. It is based at Sandringham School and supported by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF).

Nearly 9,000 schools are involved with our Literacy Octopus trial. We are investigating a range of different methods to communicate research to schools and engage them in research evidence.

We are working with several schools on the YIPI project (Yorkshire Informed Practice Initiative), helping them with how they might select and use evidence-based programmes. 

Research projects

We have enrolled the help of schools across the country to take part in the research evaluations we conduct. This includes schools that are piloting new programmes and practices, and also 'control' schools against which we compare the results.

Take a look at our research pages to find out about ongoing and completed research. You can also read this case study (St Anne's Catholic Primary School, Keighley) to find out what it is like to get involved.

York Students in Schools

York Students in Schools (YSIS) is a University of York programme that places student volunteers with local schools. YSIS placements are a great way to gain classroom-based experience in a fun and rewarding way.

In 2014, IEE worked with three PhD students from the departments of Education and English to help them design a research project, an Evaluation of the Impact of Student Volunteering on Children and Young People’s Achievement in School. York students in schools report (PDF  , 461kb)

Pupils sharing a laptop

IEE resources for schools

Best Evidence in Brief: Free, e-newsletter which rounds-up education research news

Better: Evidence-based Education: Magazine exploring effective practice

Evidence 4 Impact: Easy-to-use database of education programmes

A Book for Governors: Must-read book for school governors