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HRC Research Support Team

The HRC Research Support Team is Craig, Natalie, HelenSarah, Andrew and Vicky.  We work together to support the development of research grant applications for the Arts & Humanities community at University of York. 

All academic staff are encouraged to contact us at any stage of a project’s formation - it’s never too early to discuss your ideas with the team, and the sooner you get in touch the more help we’ll be able to provide. 

Sarah is the first point of contact for any queries about a grant proposal, so please contact her in the first instance to discuss your project.


What we can do for you

  • Identify the most appropriate funder and scheme for your project
  • Advise on funder regulations and guidelines (i.e. eligibility criteria, application and submission procedures, funder research priorities etc.)
  • Discuss with you where and how your project might have impact outside academia
  • Facilitate collaborative partnerships with other institutions, both within and beyond academia
  • Advise on internal requirements for submission of grant applications
  • Cost proposals and make sure they align with funder regulations regarding inflation, full economic cost, VAT etc.
  • Liaise with Research Grants and Contracts for budget approval
  • Provide access to previously successful grant applications
  • Review draft proposals
  • Provide post-award support for funded projects

Writing grant applications can be difficult, time-consuming work but we’re here to help make the process as painless as possible so do please get in touch to see how we can help.

Catherine Hardman

Research Development Manager

+44 1904 328093

Natalie Fullwood

Research Impact Manager

+44 1904 328122

Helen Jones

Research Impact Manager

+44 1904 328122

Andrew Stead

Impact Administrator

+44 1904 328123

Sarah Burton

Senior Research Coordinator

+44 1904 328103

Vicky Nesfield

Research Coordinator

+44 1904 328130