Accessibility statement

Academic visitors

There is hotdesking space available on the first floor of the HRC, which may be offered to academic visitors.  Members of academic staff who are acting as 'host' or 'sponsor' to a visiting academic to whom they wish to offer this desk space must first email the HRC Administrator, Helen Jacobs (, with a copy to the HRC Acting Director, Kate Giles (  This also applies to directors of research centres on the first floor who wish to accommodate a visiting academic within their research centre office.  The sponsor needs to provide a paragraph explaining

  • who the person is
  • which institution or organisation they are visiting from
  • what they are here to do
  • who they are working with. 

Short term visitors will be expected to use the centres or open plan area during normal working hours, so there should be no need for them to have Kaba access or an alarm code.  Sponsors who require their visitors to have out of hours access must specifically request this and state the reason why this is required.  Alarm codes will in any case only be issued to visitors who are here for more than three months. 

Use of University IT network

Visitors will only be able to use the University's IT network if they are first registered on the People Database and are given an IT Services username.  Sponsors are responsible for arranging registration of their visitor on the People Database via their departmental People Database administrator.  Once registered, visitors will be able to access the wireless network in the Berrick Saul Building.