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We have taken the difficult decision to postpone until the Autumn term the call for the HRC Collaborative Postgraduate Project Grant Scheme.  
There is still a great deal of uncertainty about what will be feasible next academic year.  We hope to have a clearer sense of what is possible by the Autumn term, and therefore plan to launch the call for activities to take place next academic year then. 

HRC Collaborative Postgraduate Project Grants

The HRC has a modest budget available to enable postgraduates to develop exciting new collaborative interdisciplinary projects and to put forward initiatives which will benefit the postgraduate community in the humanities. Projects might include, but are not limited to, the following categories:

  • the organisation of workshops, symposia and conferences
  • inviting visiting speakers whose expertise would benefit postgraduates across a range of subjects
  • training sessions for postgraduates in areas that will assist their own professional development
  • activities which involve collaborating with postgraduates/staff at other UK or international universities
  • activities which involve working with other organisations outside the University (these might include libraries, archives, galleries, museums etc.)

We are keen to encourage projects and events which include some ‘knowledge transfer’ i.e. which try to share academic research with users and communities beyond academia. We are also interested in projects which involve collaboration with another university: partners might include the White Rose universities (Sheffield, Leeds and York); other universities in the UK with research strengths which complement ours at York; and the members of the Worldwide Universities Network.

Teams of applicants must include people from at least two different departments at York, of which at least one must be in the Arts and Humanities. The lead on each team must be currently registered as a doctoral researcher (in years 1-3 of full-time registration, or at an equivalent stage of part-time registration).  In order to be eligible, all York members of the team listed on the application must be able to assert they will be registered at York next year. 

If you have any questions about the application form, eligibility criteria, or any other aspect of the scheme, please feel free to contact us. 

Contacts: Keith Allen, HRC Deputy Director ( and Helen Jacobs, HRC Administrator (

Current project grants

ApplicantsDepartmentsProject title
Frances Long, Lilian Tabois English and Related Literature, Centre for Eighteenth Century Studies Eighteenth-Century Identities: A study day (11 November 2019)
Alexandra Gushurst-Moore, Mariam Hale, Jun Qiang History of Art, English and Related Literature Threshold, Boundary, and Crossover in Fantasy conference (March 12-13 2020)
Isabelle Gapp, Adrian Dye, Lawren Rawlins, David Rippin History of Art, Environment and Geography Art + Anthropocene: Culture, Climate and our Changing Planet (March 26-27 2020)
Tobias Palma, Miguel Gaete, Carlos Zamora, Catalina Gaete  Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media, History of Art, Music, Institute of Historical
Justice and Reconciliation 

A Window on Latin America: A 21 st Century Resignification of the Never-ending Conquest conference (8 November 2019)

Claire Boardman, Simona Manni, Caitlin Kitchener Archaeology, Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media, Digital Creativity Labs

Creativity and Change: Applied Humanities and Social Innovation - symposium

Aubrey Steingraber, Caitlin Kitchener, Ian Hardwick. Kirstin Barnard Archaeology, History

Endurance and Change: Exploring the Effects of Boundaries, Borders, and Frontiers in Northern Britain (June 2020)

Sian Hibbert, Lucy Moore, Chris Wakefield History, Archaeology Words on Paper - academic writing sessions
Joshua d'Arcy, Rosamund Portus, Adam John Koper, Marielle Hehir  English, Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media, Politics, University of Leeds, School of Design Process, Practice, and Environmental Crisis (May 2020)
Jessica Bates, Mike Groves, Eleanor Green, Andy Needham, Rachel Pateman, Daryl Martin Archaeology, Sociology, Stockholm Environment Institute Crafting Communities (June 2020)
Louise Yu Jui Yang, Mariko Hirabayashi, Marte Stinis  Kazuki Inoue English and Related Literature, History of Art, 

Reflecting/Reflected Modernity: Sites of Interface between the Occidental and the Oriental (March 2020)

Katie Vernon, Karli Grazman, Jordan Cook, Yuki Sugiyama Centre for Medieval Studies, English and Related Literature, History of Art Centre for Medieval Studies postgraduate conference (June 2020)
Jun Qiang, Diana Mudura, Tali Kot-Ofek, Joshua D'Arcy, Anthony Tomkins, Kazuki Inoue English and Related Literature, History CMods Postgraduate Forum annual symposium: Spatial Modernities: Mapping the Physical and Psychological World (May, 2020)


Previous project grants