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Introducing the Humanities Lab

Posted on 9 March 2020

Discover some of the technical expertise and equipment in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Around the Arts and Humanities Faculty at York there is a large amount of technical expertise and technical equipment. The aim of the Humanities Lab is share and explore some of this expertise and equipment, both to encourage a better understanding of what we all do, and to stimulate ideas for new collaborations. 

We're pleased to present the following Humanities Lab events in the Summer term.  All are welcome - click the links to get your free ticket.

York Music Psychology Group, Monday 27th April, 1-2.

Find out about the techniques that the York Music Psychology Group use to explain and understand the processes and mechanisms through which music is created, perceived, responded to, and incorporated into everyday life. Explore the methods and equipment that the group use to investigate audience responses to music, and the ways in which this can in turn influence the way that music is produced.

Thin Ice Press, Wednesday 20th May, 1-2.

Come and see the Thin Ice Press’s range of working printing presses that are allowing researchers to explore connections between writing and printing processes. Find out how the equipment and expertise available at the Thin Ice Press could be used in your own research or in disseminating your work to a wider audience.

Fiesta of Digital, Tuesday 26th May, 11-4 (The Treehouse)

Digital humanities involves the application of computer-based and digital technology in arts and humanities research. It encompasses the creation and use of digital archives and databases, digital imaging of texts and artworks, the use of digitally enabled research methods such as text mining and data visualisation, and critical digital studies. Understanding and and embracing these techniques can have a tremendous effect on the type of research it is possible to undertake in the arts and humanities. Come and join us for an afternoon of exploration into the tools and techniques we can use to enhance our research, learn about the opportunities and support already available to you and tell us what else would be of use. From ‘How to create a podcast’ to 1:1 surgeries with software engineers, from data collection using Apps, to data mining techniques, we will endeavour to help you find something to inspire and enthuse.

PalaeoHub, Friday 12th June, 2-3 p.m.

Explore the equipment used in the PaleoHub to better understand how our interactions with each other and the environment have led to cultural and physical transformations over time. This includes a newly acquired electron scanning microscope. You can also visit the York Experimental Archaeological Research (YEAR) Centre’s outdoor experimental archaeology workspace for conducting experiments, teaching and running workshops relating to material culture.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, the Humanities Lab events have been postponed until further notice.