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Funding Schemes

First, decide what you need to get your project done. 

When do you want to start? How long will the project take?  Will you be doing the main bit of the research yourself or do you need a research assistant?  What kind of outputs are you planning (i.e. publications, conference, website, exhibition)?  What will it take to put those together?  Will there be any travel involved?  Will you need to build in adminstrative support?  And so on.   Don’t worry about exact costs yet, just think in broad terms of what you need in order to make your research project happen. 

Once you’ve thought about the specifics of your project, you can decide on the kind of funding you need.  Click on the links below to get more information on the different types of funding, along with details about specific schemes you can apply to.

Research networks


Research development (workshops, travel expenses, etc.)

Large research grants

Visiting scholars


Impact Funding


As always, if you’re not sure which is the best scheme for your project, just get in touch – we can help.  Email