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Costing your project

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Most external funders will require you to provide a project budget with your proposal, detailing the specific resources you need to get the project done.  However each funding scheme has different rules which dictate what items can and can’t be included, how the budget should be presented, what inflation rate (if any) should be used, how to calculate overheads, and so on.

Internally, project budgets need to be entered into Worktribe (What is Worktribe?) and they need to be approved by Research Grants Operations (RGO) before you submit your proposal

There’s a lot to keep in mind, so where do you start?

One of our Research Co-ordinators can put together a costing on Worktribe for you and submit this to RGO on your behalf, however it's important to talk to them as soon as you start developing a proposal. They can advise you on funder requirements, and work with you to build your budget.  Contact for help.

Contact details

Sarah Burton
Senior Research Coordinator
Humanities Research Centre

Tel: +44 1904 328103

Contact details

Jelena Kusakina
Research Coordinator
Humanities Research Centre

Tel: +44 1904 328130

Things to consider

What kinds of things might you include in your budget.

Top tips

Top tips and common mistakes to consider when drafting your project budget.