HRC doctoral fellows 2017.  L-R: Jennifer Cohen, Jiyi Ryu, David Worsley, Fiona Keenan, Tom Powles, Carla Suthren, Claire Benson.

HRC Doctoral Fellows

Doctoral Fellowships at the HRC are awarded following an internal competition for outstanding third-year PhD students at the University of York. Initial nomination is by the student’s supervisor. The final of the Fellowship competition is judged by a panel of academics from across the arts and humanities with external representation. The criteria for nomination are intellectual achievement and potential, and the final presentations are judged on the candidates' capacity to communicate high-quality research clearly and engagingly to a non-specialist audience.

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2017-18 Doctoral Fellows

Claire Benson, History

  • Boundaries of belonging in early modern London

Jennifer Cohen, Music

  • Playing with Time:The Interaction of Explicit and Tacit Knowledge in Musical Performance

Fiona Keenan, Theatre, Film and Television

  • Designing Digital Sound Machines

Tom Powles, Centre for Medieval Studies

  • A Craftsman of the Past: Storytelling and History in the writings of Orderic Vitalis

Jiyi Ryu, History of Art

  • Within, Within, Within: Encapsulating the British Imperial World

Carla Suthren, English and Related Literature

  • Shakespeare and the Renaissance Reception of Euripides

David Worsley, Philosophy

  • Making Amends: What? Why? How?

Past HRC doctoral fellows