HRC doctoral fellows 2018.  L-R: James Tompkinson, Liam Maloney, Madeline Boden, Keith Allen (HRC Deputy Director), Kate Giles (HRC Acting Director), Jamie Cawthra, L Meghan Dennis, Richard Kearns, Rebecca Searby, Hannah Jeans, Antony Pak-Hang Huen.

HRC Doctoral Fellows

Doctoral Fellowships at the HRC are awarded following an internal competition for outstanding third-year PhD students at the University of York. Initial nomination is by the student’s supervisor. The final of the Fellowship competition is judged by a panel of academics from across the arts and humanities with external representation. The criteria for nomination are intellectual achievement and potential, and the final presentations are judged on the candidates' capacity to communicate high-quality research clearly and engagingly to a non-specialist audience.

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2018-19 Doctoral Fellows

Madeline Boden (History of Art) 

  • A Relief from Classicism: Frederic Leighton in the Middle East, c.1858-1895

Jamie Cawthra (Philosophy) 

  • Impossible Fiction

L Meghan Dennis (Archaeology) 

  • Ethics, Digital Archaeology, and Archaeogaming: Examining Representations of Archaeology, Archaeologists, and Archaeological Ethics in Video-Games

Antony Pak-Hang Huen (English and Related Literature) 

  • Contemporary Poets, the Visual Arts, and Ekphrasis

Hannah Jeans (History) 

  • Women’s Reading Habits and Gendered Genres, c.1600 – c.1700

Richard Kearns (Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media

  • Soundweb & Interplay: Context, Meaning and Play in Interactive Artworks

Liam Maloney (Music) 

  • The Functions of Music: Conceptualising Listening from a Utilitarian Perspective

Rebecca Searby (Centre for Medieval Studies) 

  • England’s Jewish Community in the Royal Courts, 1216-1235

James Tompkinson (Language and Linguistic Science) 

  • Investigating listeners’ perceptions of spoken threat utterances

Past HRC doctoral fellows