L-R: Benjamin McDonald, Adam Timmins, Jennifer Buckley, Aidan Collins, Luke Giraudet, Rebecca Mellor, Owen Burton, Richard Ogden, Keith Allen, Caitlin Kitchener, Florence Oxley, Jennifer Barraclough, Helen Jacobs, Mary Haworth.

HRC Doctoral Fellows

Doctoral Fellowships at the HRC are awarded following an internal competition for outstanding third-year PhD students at the University of York. Initial nomination is by the student’s supervisor. The final of the Fellowship competition is judged by a panel of academics from across the arts and humanities with external representation. The criteria for nomination are intellectual achievement and potential, and the final presentations are judged on the candidates' capacity to communicate high-quality research clearly and engagingly to a non-specialist audience.

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2019-20 Doctoral Fellows

Jennifer Buckley (English and Related Literature)

  • Periodicalist or Novelist? Fiction, Fake News and the 'Rise' of the Novel

Owen Burton (Music)

  • Balancing Old and New - The Music of Einojuhani Rautavaara

Aidan Collins (History)

  • Bankruptcy in the Court of Chancery, 1674-1750

Luke Giraudet (Centre for Medieval Studies)

  • Political Communication and Public Opinion in the ‘Journal d'un Bourgeois de Paris, 1405-1449’

Caitlin Kitchener (Archaeology)

  • 'I feel for your Sex, my dear': Perceptions on Female Reformers in 1819

Benjamin McDonald (Theatre, Film and Television)

  • Mental Illness and Dramatizing the Symptoms: A Playwright’s Perspective

Rebecca Mellor (History of Art) 

  • Measuring the Phallic: Statistical Analysis and the Visuality of Sex

Florence Oxley (Language and Linguistic Science)

  • Babble and the Brain

Adam Timmins (Philosophy) 

  • Historiographical Realism

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