Accessibility statement

Booking rooms in the Berrick Saul Building

The bookable rooms in the Berrick Saul Building are primarily for research, postgraduate and public engagement activities in the arts and humanities departments.  

Staff and postgraduates from the arts and humanities departments are welcome to book the ground floor seminar rooms BS/007 and BS/008, the Bowland Auditorium (BS/005) and the Treehouse (BS/104) for academic meetings, seminars and events.  They are also welcome to use the seminar rooms and Treehouse for research-related activities (discussion, group work, private study) on an ad hoc basis when they are not booked for other activities. A timetable of bookings for the week is posted on the door of each room.

Staff and students in other departments may book the rooms for certain approved activities up to six weeks in advance. Exceptionally, the rooms may be booked further in advance, but these bookings are considered on a case by case basis, and priority must be given to the arts and humanities departments. Enquiries should be directed to Room Bookings to book rooms BS/007, BS/008 and the Bowland Auditorium, and to the HRC Administrator to book the Treehouse or to use the foyer.  

Room layouts

  • BS/005 (Bowland Auditorium) has fixed tiered seating for 144.
  • BS/007 (The Jane Moody Boardroom) is fixed in boardroom style and seats 16 people.
  • BS/008 is set up in boardroom style for teaching and seats a maximum of 31 people.  Tables and chairs may be moved, but must be returned to boardroom style afterwards.  
  • BS/104 (The Treehouse) has a flexible layout, and contains 11 tub chairs, 70 conference chairs and 11 tables.  Its maximum capacity is 120 standing, 70 seated in theatre style.  To have the room set up in a particular way, please contact the Rapid Response team ( at least two weeks in advance of the event.  

Photos and further information, including equipment user guides. 



AV equipment

  • BS/007, BS/008 and BS/104 (the Treehouse) have full audiovisual facilities, comprising data projector and speakers, screen, networked PC, laptop connections, CD/DVD/BluRay player.  
  • BS/005 (the Bowland auditorium) has the aforementioned equipment plus a PA system and lectern microphone.
  • All rooms have an induction loop.  Speakers should use the lectern microphone provided in the auditorium in order that the loop can pick up their voice properly. 
  • The following items are not provided, but can be booked through the University’s Audio-Visual Centre:
    • Slide projector
    • Overhead projector
    • Flipchart stand and pad
    • Audio recorder
    • Nimlok boards.


Important information

  • The Berrick Saul building is unportered and there is no receptionist. Organisers of events in the rooms in the building are therefore responsible for arranging set up of the rooms, access to the building out of normal opening hours, and supervision of attendees at their events. 
  • Setup of rooms can be done by organisers, or can be arranged by contacting the Rapid Response Team (email, telephone ext 3230), preferably at least two weeks in advance.  Please allow time for setup when booking the room.  BS/007 and BS/008 are normally set up in boardroom style, but the Treehouse does not have a fixed layout.
  • Catering is allowed in BS/007, BS/008 and BS/104 (The Treehouse).  However, no food or drink may be taken into the Auditorium (BS/005). If you are holding an event in the auditorium and wish to serve refreshments, you are advised to book seminar room BS/008 for this. 
  • The foyer may occasionally be used for drinks receptions etc, but this must be arranged in advance by contacting Helen Jacobs, HRC administrator  The restrictions on the use of the foyer space are designed to ensure that users of the building, notably the large postgraduate community, are able to use this area as a social space. Refreshments must not be set out on the reception desk – tables from BS/008 may be brought into the foyer for this purpose.
  • Posters must not be attached to walls, windows, doors or the reception desk.  If you wish to display notices during conferences, you must make arrangements to bring in freestanding stands or display boards for this purpose.  The HRC administrator, Helen Jacobs, has three freestanding A4 sign boards which you may borrow.  If you would like to display a poster advertising your event on the noticeboards on the staircase of the Berrick Saul Building, please deliver it to Helen Jacobs in advance.
  • Please do not pull up or let down the venetian blinds – they are very fragile and prone to break.  If you wish to regulate the amount of natural light, use the wand to tilt the slats. 
  • On leaving the room, please ensure that you have:
    • Arranged the removal of catering equipment and leftover food and drink.  Glass bottles must be disposed of in the glass recycling skip in the wooden enclosure to the side of the building, next to Careers. 
    • Removed all meeting materials and cleaned whiteboards if necessary
    • Closed all windows (apart from the automatically controlled top windows).



The Treehouse

Covid-19 update:  The Treehouse is currently a temporary workspace for arts and humanities postgraduates, containing 20 hot-desk spaces.  It is not available for other bookings.  Desks can be booked up to a week in advance for a morning or afternoon session: Book a desk in the Treehouse.

The Treehouse has been designed as a study and collaboration space for arts and humanities researchers within the Humanities Research Centre (HRC).   The room is reached by traversing an open-plan space in which postgraduates, postdoctoral students, academic and administrative staff are working throughout the day and into the evening.    Because of the disruption inevitably caused to these residents by people passing through the open plan space, the Treehouse is not suitable for large meetings or events, particularly those involving external participants.  The room is only available for booking between 8am and 6.30pm Monday to Friday. 

Anyone wishing to use the Treehouse should contact the HRC Administrator, Helen Jacobs (, who will be able to advise on whether it is an appropriate venue for a specific booking.  





Opening times

  • From Monday to Friday, the main doors to the Berrick Saul Building are open from 8am and closed at 6.30pm.
  • At the weekend and between 6.30pm and 8am, authorised users of the building with Kaba card access may enter via the front or south entrance.
  • The first floor is locked and alarmed after 6.30pm during the week and all day Saturday and Sunday.