Period Topic

Period Topic modules (20 credits) give students an intensive introduction to an unfamiliar period, subject or approach to the study of history. They also offer a chance to gain experience in the use of primary source materials, and develop skills in the analysis of historiography.

Each Period Topic module is taught by an individual tutor through an integrated programme of seminars and tutorials. Teaching centres on a weekly two-hour seminar taught over eight weeks. During the term, students write two essays on topics closely related to the seminar programme. The first of these is a "procedural" essay done in the middle of term, for which they receive feedback in a fifteen-minute one-to-one tutorial; the second essay draws on the whole term’s work, and is submitted for assessment in week ten of the term.

Period Topic modules offered in recent years

Students will typically be able to choose from around 15 options.

Current students - refer to the module catalogue for your options.