English/History Bridge Dissertation

This module gives students the chance to work as active and independent scholars, rather than responding to the requirements of a taught module. Having designed their own cross-disciplinary research project during their second year, and researched the primary materials needed during the summer between their second and third years, they now organise and reflect on the material they have gathered, plan the structure of their arguments and interpretations, draft a chapter and outline to submit for feedback, and then write and submit their 10,000-word dissertation. This work will spread across the whole academic year. Full details about the various stages of the process, the tasks to be completed, and the relevant deadlines, are provided on the Dissertation VLE. This guide deals with Bridge Dissertations as well as dissertations, and  also provides much advice and information to help and support students as they work on their dissertations.

Teaching Programme

Students are undertaking an independently researched project and not a taught module. They will, however, continue to have support, advice, and feedback from their dissertation advisor as they work to produce their dissertation, and also have opportunities to consult their advisor in the English Department They will have a meeting with their History advisor in the autumn term at which they will discuss the progress of their research and confirm plans to develop an interpretation or argument about their research question as they reflect on the evidence and ideas which they have acquired form primary research and secondary reading. Students have the opportunity to write a draft chapter and thesis outline for submission to their advisor at the start of the spring term. They will have a meeting with their History advisor later that term at which they will receive feedback and advice which will help them towards the completion of the whole dissertation.

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