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Our current research students


NameThesis titleSupervisor
Anna Adima The influence of globalisation and decolonisation on women's writing in English in 1960s Kenya and Uganda Gerard McCann
Severine Angers Families in arms: British military families and the experience of war, 1793-1815 Catriona Kennedy 
Jessica Ayres The economic and legal roles of women in London’s Court of Orphans, 1660-1720 Natasha Glaisyer
Kurt Baird Fighting for the Habsburgs: Community, Patriotism and the Kaiserlich-königliche Armee during the Wars against France, 1792-1816 Jasper Heinzen
Chantal Berry LCAB PhD Studentship in Sensory environment c1500-c1950 Mark Jenner 
Sarah Betts Memories of English Civil War on royalism Geoff Cubitt
Jane Campbell Utopian dreams, colonial realities: changing visions of society and culture in early modern utopian literature, New World colonial projects and settlements, 1516 – 1717 David Wootton and Sophie Weeks
Sharmin Chowdhury Local Markets and Fairs in Colonial Bengal: A Socio-Economic History (1858-1947)  Sanjoy Bhattacharya 
Holly Day Memorandum Books, Markets and Identities, 1748-1850 Hannah Greig
Suranga Dolamulla Middle income Country Solutions for a global AMR problem: Innovative health financing and the regulation of "essential antibiotics" in Sri Lanka Sanjoy Bhattacharya and Tim Doran
Joseph Ellis The Progresses of James VI & I, c.1567-1625: authority, gender and collaborative dualmonarchy on the road  Laura Stewart 
Teuku Reza Fadeli Shopping in Colonial Southeast Asia: Modernity and the Emergence of Consumer Culture in Singapore, Penang, and Surabaya 1920s – 1930s Tara Alberts and Oleg Benesch
Rachel Feldberg Non-elite women’s engagement with the production, use and consumption of scientific knowledge, 1740-1810 Mark Jenner and Gillian Russell
Huw Foden Material Sanctity and the Eucharist in Carolingian Theology and Experience Mary Garrison
David Gagie Eighteenth-Century British Merchant Commercial Practice and Wokring Culture Natasha Glaisyer
Joseph Gascoigne Partyism and the effects of polarisation on postcolonial development in Antigua and Barbuda, 1981-2020 Henrice Altink 
Laura Green Enemies, Ignorance and the Care of Souls: An investigation into the registers of the Archbishops of York in the years 1266-1296' Sethina Watson 
Keely Hayes Davies Pageantry, Power and Pastime: The Reconstruction of a Henrician Progress  John Cooper 
Sian Hibbert Violence in Languedoc, 1680-1720 Stuart Carroll
Arran Jenkins Leverhulme PhD Studentship Parliamentary Empire: British Democracy and Settler Colonialism c.1867-1939  Amanda Behm 
Kirill Kartashov Pyrethrum in Japan: A History of Rise and Fall, 1880s-1940s Sabine Clarke and Oleg Benesch
Veronika Lahodinski Early modern diagnosis of pregnancy and pregnancy-related conditions by reference to English and German uroscopic medical treatises Mark Jenner
Leena Lindell Between Worlds: Kenneth Cantlie and locomotive engineering in Africa, the Americas and Asia David Clayton
Frances Long Children's Sleep in England, c1650-1830 Mark Jenner
Emma Marshall Social Dynamics and the Management of Sickness and Healthcare in Elite English Families, c.1620-1750 Mark Jenner
Jean-Baptiste Masson A New Listening for a New Music. Ambient Sound, Sound-Hunting and the Tape Recorder, 1948-1978. David Clayton
Sarah McKeagney Precarity, Autonomy, Spatiality: Women's Work in English Urban Centres, 1450 - 1500 Tom Johnson
Harry Morris Reputation and Magic in Early Modern England'  Natasha Glaisyer
Ayotunde Ojo The World Health Organisation and Southern Nigeria: A History of Collaboration, 1960-2000  Sanjoy Bhattacharya 
Brittany Orton The Growth and Development of Mercian Queenship: the Seventh to Early Tenth Centuries  Mary Garrison 
Ayako Otsuka Diplomacy between Germany and Japan during World War I  Oleg Benesch 
Samantha Portela Historical use of the Land in a coastal Brazilian Environmental Protection Area - Area de Proteção Ambiental Litoral Norte - APA NL Shane O'Rourke
Jimena Ruiz Marron “No Musick’s better than the Winds do make”: Soundscapes in seventeenth-century women’s writings  Mark Jenner and Emilie Murphy 
Robert Slinn History of Chemical Industries in Cheshire  Sabine Clarke 
Joe Saunders The Stationers’ Community in England, c.1557-1666  Mark Jenner and Helen Smith 
Tom Shillam Socialist Internationalism in South and Southeast Asia, c1947-1964 Gerard McCann 
Aisha Shukat-Khawaja Invisible Hands: a study of Indian ayahs in Britain, 1870-1950 Henrice Altink
Robert Slinn History of Chemical Industries in Cheshire   Sabine Clarke 
Isobel Staton Perceptions of Latin, and its socially strategic uses, within rural communities in late medieval England  Tom Johnson 
H Glen Taylor Industrious gentlemen and the moral material of individual knowledge in seventeenth-century England Sophie Weeks and Mark Jenner
Theo Tomking LCAB PhD Studentship in Statistics, Computing and Environmental Knowledge in the 20th Century  Sabine Clarke
Gina Vea Smallpox since 1980: A History of Global Efforts to Ensure the Permanence of Eradication  Sanjoy Bhattacharya 
Yutong Wang Displaced persons, urban reconstruction and state-building in post-war China: the case of Shanghai in the 1950s  Jon Howlett 
Esther Wilson Technology, Culture and Public History: The Digital Ecosystem as a Habitat for History Geoff Cubitt and Victoria Hoyle
Kirsty Wright St Stephen's College and the Palace of Westminster, 1554-1698: Politics, Patronage and Space John Cooper
Thomas Wright Consituencies of Control' and the normalisation of coercion in Kenya’s Mau Mau rebellion, 1952-60 Gerard McCann 
Jinming Yi Bureaucracy, Legitimation and History: A Study of the Civic Records of York, c.1270-c.1370 Tom Johnson and Sarah Rees Jones