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Hanne Cottyn
Research Associate



MA History (Ghent), PhD History (Ghent)

Hanne is a social historian specialising in the study of land conflicts and rural transformations in the Andean region. Her research interests are situated on the crossroads of rural history, critical global studies, and political ecology. She has extensive archival research and field work experience in Bolivia, Peru and Chile, where she collaborates with academic institutions and social organizations, and is currently extending her expertise to Colombia. She is an active member of several networks, including the Commodity Frontiers Initiative and the Belgian Latin America network ENCUENTRO.

Hanne joined the Department as a postdoctoral Research Associate in 2019 on the NERC-funded project ‘Integrating ecological and cultural histories to inform sustainable and equitable futures for the Colombian páramos’. She holds a PhD in History from Ghent University (Belgium) with a study on nineteenth century land reforms in highland Bolivia. After completing her PhD, she worked in development cooperation in Peru with the Belgian organization CATAPA and was a co-ordinator at the Ghent Center for Global Studies. Before moving to York, she was a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of History and was teaching Latin American Studies at the Department of Conflict and Development Studies, Ghent University.



Selected publications


Cottyn, Hanne. 2017. “A World-systems Frontier Perspective to Land : Exploring the Uneven Trajectory of ( Land Rights Standardization in the Andes .” Journal of World-systems Research 23 (2): 515–539.

Beeckaert, Esther, Sander Berghmans, Dieter Bruneel, Hanne Cottyn, Pieter De Reu, Marjolein Schepers, Tobit Vandamme, and Sven Van Melkebeke. 2018. “The ‘Societal Turn’. Historicizing Future Society ( .” TSEG/ Low Countries Journal of Social and Economic History 15 (2-3): 113–128.

Edited book

Cottyn, Hanne, Javier Jahncke, Luis Montoya, Ela Pérez, and Mattes Tempelmann, eds. 2016. Las Luchas Sociales por la Tierra en América Latina: Un Análisis Histórico, Comparativo y Global. ( Lima, Peru: Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos.

Book chapters

Cottyn, Hanne. 2018. “Property Demythologized : Historical Transformations and Spatial Hierarchies of Land Regimes.” In The Routledge Handbook of Transregional Studies ( , ed. Middel Matthias, 243–251. Londen: Routledge.

Cottyn, Hanne. 2018. “The Open-field System and the Persistence of Communal Land Systems : Lessons from the Andes.” In Peasants and Their Fields : the Rationale of Open-field Agriculture ( , C. 700-1800, ed. Christopher Dyer, Erik Thoen, and Tom Williamson, 16:207–232. Turnhout: Brepols.

Cottyn, Hanne. 2017. “Tierra, Comunidad y Vivir Bien : La Trayectoria Histórica De Las Tierras Comunitarias En El Altiplano Boliviano.” In Ecología y Reciprocidad : (con)vivir Bien, Desde Contextos Andinos, ed. Koen de Munter, Jacqueline Michaux, and Gilberto Pauwels, 177–205. La Paz: CEPA, Plural, TARI.


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