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Dr. Arnab Chakraborty

Wellcome Trust Research Fellow


PhD (University of York)

Dr Arnab Chakraborty is a Research Fellow in the Department of History, working on the South Asian response to COVID-19 pandemic as part of the Local Bases of Global Health project, which is funded by the Wellcome Trust.

Arnab recently completed his PhD from University of York on a Wellcome Trust doctoral studentship. His doctoral research focussed on the role of medical services in colonial south India. His main research interests are in global health, history of gender and medicine, and public health policies more generally.

Arnab also serves as Assistant Editor of the journal Medical History and as Book Reviews Editor of the journal Social History of Alcohol and Drugs.


Arnab’s PhD offers insight into the role played by medical subordinates in the southern part of colonial India (1880-1935), to show how local medical practitioners worked in collaboration with the Indian government and at times against them. Focussed on the lesser known history of medical subordinates – male and female – in military and civilian contexts in colonial Madras, it draws out the advances in western medicine in district and sub-divisional areas of the region.

His current project aims to understand the evolution of the COVID-19 crisis in India, official and social responses, and the continuing impact of all this work. A multi-disciplinary approach will be utilised to properly document the efforts of multiply government department and officials, important professional bodies, private sector partners and, civil society. Arnab will also be responsible for the Centre of Global Health Histories seminars in collaboration with WHO and its outreach.


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