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Sam Wetherell
Lecturer in the History of Britain and the World



BA (Oxon), PhD (University of California, Berkeley)

Sam Wetherell is a Lecturer in the History of Britain and the World. Before arriving at York Sam completed his PhD at the University of California, Berkeley, and spent a year as a visiting lecturer at Columbia University.

Sam specialises in the history of cities, and art-making and the environment. He is currently finishing a book about the transformation of the British built environment in the twentieth century, focusing on housing, consumption and patterns of work. He has also published articles about the history of community arts and neoliberal urban planning policies in Britain, Europe and the United States.



Sam is currently finishing a book called Foundations: How The Built Environment Made Twentieth-Century Britain, which is will be published next year Princeton University Press. The book tells the story of modern Britain through the transformation of its built environment focusing on housing, workplaces and spaces of shopping and consumption. More specifically it shows how enclosed wholesale markets became out of town shopping malls, how philanthropic and later modernist council estates became private gated communities and how government-backed backed industrial estates became suburban office parks. Along the way the book charts of a mid-twentieth century development state and how it came to be displaced by a new, market-driven neoliberal settlement in the last third of the twentieth century.

Sam has published two articles, a piece on community arts and new methods of self-expression in the 1970s in History Workshop Journal as well as an award winning article on the urban enterprise zone and neoliberal urban planning in Britain and the United States in Twentieth Century British History




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