Malcolm Spencer
Lecturer in the Histories of Russia and Communism



BA (Oxford); MPhil (Oxford); DPhil (Oxford)

Malcolm L. G. Spencer is a Lecturer in the Histories of Russia and Communism. He joined York in 2018, having taught previously at the University of Oxford. His current research interests centre on the Soviet Union and its interactions with the wider international communist movement during the interwar period.



Malcolm’s research to date has focused upon the impact of the Soviet-Finnish War of 1939-40 on the international communist movement. Through the study of key institutions within the Soviet Union and its satellite parties abroad – in particular, those institutions involved in the production, dissemination and control of the press – his work has traced aspects of continuity and change in the Stalinist system through the interwar period, while evidencing the complex interaction between policy-making, propaganda and public opinion. His doctoral research on this topic formed the basis of his first academic monograph, Stalinism and the Soviet-Finnish War, 1939-40:
Crisis Management, Censorship and Control, published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2018, as part of their well-established ‘St Antony’s Series’ on global and regional issues.

His broader interests include studying the development and deployment of language and terminology in official discourse; crisis management and the ability of states and institutions to adapt to rapid rates of change in the external environment; and the history of the Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union (TASS).




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Dr Malcolm Spencer
Lecturer in the Histories of Russia and Communism
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