At York, researchers collaborate across the University's seven interdisciplinary research themes to address the great scientific, social and environmental challenges of our times.

Our research is particularly strong in three themes: Culture and Communication, Justice and Equality and Health and Wellbeing.

Culture and Communication

Our researchers explore cultural practices and forms of communication across many periods and places. Their work is advancing and challenging how we understand the world.

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Justice and Equality

The theme of Justice and Equality is prominent across our research. We work in collaboration with our colleagues at the University and external organisations in promoting equality, fairness and welfare.

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  • Black Market Britain 1939-1955
  • The Genesis of Inquisition Procedures and the Truth-Claims of Inquisition Records
  • Colombian Paramos Project

Health and Wellbeing

We promote interdisciplinary work on themes of broad medical, scientific, environmental and public health importance. We are actively involved in creating international coalitions of academics and policymakers to implement change.

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