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Sidney David Ross


A historical, contextual and statistical study of the poetic corpus attributed to Paul the Deacon

Supervisor: Dr Mary Garrison


The Carolingian and Ottonian Renaissance, with particular emphasis on the poetry of the early Carolingian era and the liturgical music of the period

I have numerous publications (three books and over 50 articles in peer-reviewed journals) from my first career which ran from 1958, when I was awarded a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry, to 1982, when I retired as a senior lecturer in Chemistry, at Chelsea College, University of London, at the same time graduating in law by way of part-time study.

In my second career as a practising barrister (1984-present day) I have written a legal textbook (Inheritance Act Claims, Sweet & Maxwell - first published in 1993, current [4th] edition, 2017) and contributed 24 articles to legal journals.

In July 2015 I presented a paper entitled "Paul the Deacon as hymnographer" at the Leeds International Conference on Medieval Studies.

External activities

I combine my current research with my legal practice and the only relevant external activities are my continued engagement in performance, as a singer, of liturgical music of the medieval and renaissance periods, and writing reviews of such performances.

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Dr Sidney Ross
PhD student
Department of History
University of York
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